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Kalei Mau shares home workout routine amid community quarantine



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The biggest sporting events across the world have been suspended in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. And like the rest of humanity, athletes have been urged to practice social distancing and stay home.

But for most sportsmen and women, this isn’t enough of a reason not to keep their bodies in top shape.

In fact, in Luzon where community quarantine is implemented, many athletes still make it a point to remain fit amid such circumstances.

That is exactly the case with F2 Logistic stalwart Kalei Mau, who shared a home workout routine in her Instagram account.

Here’s her regimen, which requires three sets with 12 repetitions per exercise.

1. Band Glute activations
2. Band Hip or Glute activation mobility
3. Band Squat Jumps
4 & 5. Band Ladder Agility
6. Resistance Band bicep or tricep curls and shoulder flys
7. Jump rope

Mau even offered a different perspective on staying in shape.

Besides maintaining her peak performance as an athlete, the Fil-Hawaiian hitter emphasized the importance of being fit and healthy in order to have a strong resistance amid the outbreak.

“Keep your spirits, hope, and health all the way up,” Mau said in an Instagram post on Monday.

“I’ve been at home for the past three days doing all I can to keep my immune system running strong to continue fighting off this virus.”

Several Cargo Movers such as Kim Kianna Dy, Majoy Baron, and Dawn Macandili have also shown through their respective accounts how they manage to get their workouts in without hitting public gyms.

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Exercise mats and resistance bands are pretty much the essential equipment of the bunch, making up their home gym setup.