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Motolite remains calm despite need to rack up wins



Tiebreaker Times Motolite remains calm despite need to rack up wins News PVL Volleyball  motolite power builders Air Padda 2019 PVL Season 2019 PVL Reinforced Conference

By: Ohmer Bautista

Though Motolite bolstered their Final Four bid with their second win at the expense of PacificTown-Army on Sunday, head coach Air Padda admitted that entering the next round is not yet a priority.

For now, the American mentor doesn’t want her team thinking too far ahead. She also cautioned them to take the remainder of the PVL Reinforced Conference preliminary a step at a time.

“Honestly, we aren’t thinking about the Final Four right now,” Padda bared.

“We’re literally just taking this one game at a time.”

Motolite were once the cellar-dwellers of the tournament, as they went winless in a four-game stretch. Crawling their way up from the abyss, the youth-laden team are now just 1.5 games behind fourth-running Banko Perlas.


And their five-set escape act against the Lady Troopers, as Padda believes, provided them that “stepping stone”.

“We knew that this was like a stepping stone,” she bared.

“I told them that if we can get through Army, we already got better in a week,” she continued, as Motolite also picked up their first back-to-back wins after notching their breakthrough victory at Bali Pure’s expense, before stunning their opening-day tormentors in five sets.

Now that they are on the right track, the youth-laden team is starting to pick up steam.

But most importantly, as how Padda puts it, “It’s easier to just have a positive attitude about everything when you’re winning versus like when you’re losing.

“I’m really happy that we started the second round on a high note, and we’re just going to keep building.”

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