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Execration enters win column as BREN Esports take MPL Group B top spot



Tiebreaker Times Execration enters win column as BREN Esports take MPL Group B top spot ESports Mobile Legends News  S4gitnu Ribo Pheww Omega PH MPL-PH Season 6 Lusty KurTzy KarlTzy Hate Hadjizy execration E2MAX Ch4knu BREN Esports BNK Blufire Bennyqt

Execration barged into the win column of Group A, while BREN Esports once again showed dominance to take the top spot in Group B in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League-Philippines, Friday evening.

Coming off a loss to defending champions Aura PH, Bennyqt and Execration vented their ire on BNK Blufire via a dominant 2-0 decision, chalking up their first victory of the season.

In a clash near Execration’s serpent pit, Hate (Ling) was able to pick off Limz (Esmeralda) to start the bloodbath.

But it was Bennyqt (Kagura) who finished it off, popping a perfectly placed yin yang overturn to take down Chuu (Lancelot) and S3cret (Uranus). Meanwhile, S4gitnu (X.Borg) took care of Crypzu (Hilda).

That scuffle, which ended in the 7:40-mark of the game, tipped the momentum to Execration’s side, leaving BNK Blufire in the dust.

Bennqt ended the game with three kills, two deaths, and six assists. Hate had five kills, zero deaths, and eight assists for the 1-1 Execration.

S4gitnu, formerly known as Maeeee, put up three kills and eight assists, while Ch4knu (Baxia) and E2MAX (Selena) combined for 19 assists.

On the other hand, Chuu ended with four kills, three deaths, and an assist for BNK, who now fell to a 0-3 hole at the bottom of Group A.

Meanwhile, KarlTzy is still on a roll, spearheading BREN Esports’ 2-0 sweep of Omega PH in the opening game of the day.

The 15-year-old core player, who used Lancelot in Game Two, finished with a clean 8-0-1 KDA to help BREN claim the top seed in Group B with a 2-0 win-loss standing.

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Ribo (Gatotkaca) pumped in two kills and eight assists while Pheww (Pharsa) and Lusty (Popol and Kupa) chipped in a total of 14 assists combined.

Omega, who dropped to a 1-1 standing in the same group, was led by KurTzy (Yu Zhong) with two kills and a death. Hadjizy, meanwhile, was limited to just two kills, two assists, and two deaths.