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You can’t measure heart: Wherever he goes, the mantra is the same for Steph Curry



Steph Curry brought the same passion and commitment to the game when he visited the Philippines for the first time as part of a promotional tour for Under Armour.

Interacting with fans in a meet and greet session, and gamely answering questions from the press in Makati City Saturday, Curry made it clear that his dedication for basketball is off the charts.

The path towards superstardom did not come easy for the reigning NBA Season MVP and champion; there was doubt on whether Curry had what it takes to become a superstar in the NBA, including questions on athleticism and how he stacks up with the rest of the league’s elite guards.

But this is why Curry pushed himself every step of the way, and worked on his strengths.

“There are days I feel tired and I just want to stay home but I have to go to the gym. Work hard and nothing can stop you,” he shared.

It was about the constant repetition and pushing himself to the limit, whether it’s a simple shooting or dribbling drill or workout.

Every year, the 6-foot-3 guard improved, breaking three-point records, becoming part of all-star squads, and winning gold medals with the United States basketball team.

Along with the three-point revolution in the NBA and a championship-caliber Golden State Warriors crew, Curry fulfilled his dreams, and wishes he could enjoy more success in the future.

Later that day, in a basketball clinic at the Mall of Asia Arena, Curry met with the youth to inspire them.

His message was simple.

“You can’t measure heart. You work hard every single day. You focus on your goals. You can’t measure this,” he said while pointing to his chest.

Enjoying the overwhelming support in Manila, Curry says he wants to be back every year, if the circumstances permit.

“Thank you so much for your love. I want to come back every year and celebrate the sport with you guys,” he said while being applauded in front a packed venue.

“Basketball is one language. It’s amazing to see how passionate this country is when it comes to the sport.”

At one point he was even asked by the event hosts to utter the Philippine basketball team and community’s collective battlecry, “Puso!” — “Heart!”

Curry tried his very best, quivering “Pu-soww”, replying to every “Laban Pilipinas!” chant.

He may had some bit of trouble with it but the message is clear — whether it’s straight out of the Bay Area or thousands of miles across the world, the mantra does not change for Steph Curry:

“You can’t measure heart.”

It remains the same wherever he goes.