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Aether Main puts up classic performance, bounces back in MPL-PH Champs Invitational



Tiebreaker Times Aether Main puts up classic performance, bounces back in MPL-PH Champs Invitational ESports Mobile Legends News  Yuji Sunsparks Ryo Ribo Rafflesia Pheww Pein Lusty Killuash Kielvj Jeffqt4ever Jay Haze Coco Cignal Ultra ArkAngel Aether Main 2020 MPL-PH Champion Invitational

Aether Main showed a vintage performance en route to a sweep, while Sunsparks dominated the competition once more in the second day of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League-Philippines Champion Invitational, Sunday evening.

A failed comeback bid against Sunsparks saw them tie a two-games-to-none disadvantage, only to fall short in the series-clinching Game Five. But the inaugural champions made sure to dominate right from the get-go this time around against Arkangel.

Taking a commanding 2-0 advantage over the Season Three champions, Aether Main fielded in a line-up that consists of Pein (Gusion), Yuji (Kimmy), Haze (Natalia), Coco (Uranus), and Ribo (Grock).

Despite ArkAngel keeping the fight as close as they can, Aether Main managed to get an uncontested lord through the zoning efforts of Coco.

With the lording marching towards ArkAngel’s base through the bottom lane, Haze managed to take down the last turret at the top lane.

Pein then ran roughshod against ArkAngel, picking off their main source of damage in Ryo (Esmeralda), while also erasing Jeffqt4ever (Jawhead) and Jay (X.borg) afterward. Killuash (Thamuz) and Lusty (Popol and Kupa) tried to defend their base, but a five-man Aether Main was too much for them to hold.

Coco was named MVP of the match with four kills and 12 assists, while Haze punched in nine kills, nine assists, and three deaths.

On the other hand, Ryo spearheaded ArkAngel with eight kills, two assists, and three deaths.

Aether Main now stands at the second spot with a 1-1 win-loss record tied with ArkAngel.

In the opening match, Sunsparks came out with a 3-1 decision over Cignal Ultra, to become the only undefeated squad in the four-team tournament with a clean 2-0 slate.

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Rafflesia (Pharsa) was the match MVP in the series-clinching Game Four, finishing with six kills and 15 assists. Meanwhile, Kielvj (Leomord) had seven kills, seven assists, and two deaths.

Sunsparks dominated the Season Two titleholders in the kill department, 25-9, while also holding a massive 43,200-31,278 advantage in the gold department.

Pheww had a forgettable outing with three kills, three assists, and five deaths for Cignal Ultra, who remained winless in two outings.

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