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Despite tall orders, Dioceldo Sy likes iECO’s chances in Terrific 12



Tiebreaker Times Despite tall orders, Dioceldo Sy likes iECO's chances in Terrific 12 Basketball News  IECO Green Warriors Dioceldo Sy 2018 Terrific 12 2018 Asia League
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The iECO Green Warriors will definitely be climbing high walls in the Asia League’s The Terrific 12 in Macau.

The Green Warriors – the lone Philippine contingent in this year’s edition of the tournament – are bunched in Group C together with Japan B.League ball club Ryukyu Golden Kings and Chinese Basketball Association’s Xinjiang Flying Tigers.

Both club teams have brought the best possible squads they could. The Golden Kings will be reinforced by naturalized Japanese Ira Brown and Joseph Ayers, while the Flying Tigers will be parading NBA veteran Al Jefferson.

Moreover, the Green Warriors’ familiarity with each other is questionable. Unlike their counterparts, who have known each other for a very long time, iECO were only formed and worked with each other less than two weeks prior to the tilt.

“The problem is like Team Pilipinas – we have just formed the team, and then they’re just starting to build their chemistry,” alluded iECO owner Dioceldo Sy.

“The other teams are seasoned and have played together for a long time.”

But even if they are in a tough situation, Sy believes that the Green Warriors have a legitimate chance to emerge victorious.

For the Blackwater owner, he sees a ray of hope that the Green Warriors can pull off a surprise, as both the Golden Kings and the Flying Tigers are still in the process of regaining their bearings from their respective leagues home.

“I think our advantage is that they’re just starting to train for their respective tournaments.

“So I think we got a good chance. We’re hoping for the best. Hopefully we win tonight,” Sy said, as iECO will face Ryukyu tonight at 9.

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Of their two opponents, it is the Flying Tigers that are heavily-favored. Aside from having Jefferson to shore up their frontline, Xinjiang also have five players in their team who are part of the Chinese Men’s National Basketball Team.

But the amiable Sy isn’t sold that Xinjiang will be able to play with their teeth out, as they have yet to get accustomed not only to the 14-year NBA veteran Jefferson, but to their new head coach as well.

“Xinjiang has five Chinese national team players and they got a good import in Jefferson, who’s coming in today or tomorrow. But I heard he might be in jetlag or not on good physical shape. So maybe we got a chance,” Sy said.

“Let’s see. Let’s hope for the best, and hope the guys will play their hearts out.”