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Aboy, Nanael think PH MLBB server is much more ‘competitive’ than Indo server

Members of the Geek Fam ID squad playing in the M5 World Championship have finally spoken. And they believe that the Philippine server is much more competitive than the Indonesian server.

“I think ranked games are more competitive here in PH than in Indonesia. You can practice more here,” said midlaner Valent “Aboy” Putra when asked about his experience playing in the Philippine server.

For goldlaner Mohammad “Caderaa” Pambudi, ranked games in the Philippines are much more competitive because of the presence of a “drafter”.

“It’s harder for me to play here because I can hear what Markyyyy and Baloy are doing during our drafts. They have drafters here in games so it’s hard for me,” he said.

Geek Fam jungler Manuel “Nnael” Simbolon had a similar experience.

“Yawi invited me to play ranked games with him and then I experienced his drafting. When we play ranked games, We always meet teams like AP.Bren,” furthered Nnael.

“The point is, the two servers are different. Both PH and Indonesia servers are both good but PH is more competitive.”

According to Filipino import Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy, what Caderaa and Nnael described has been a normal setting in ranked game grinds in the Philippines, especially at the highest ranks.

And this is what makes ranked games more competitive overall.

“When you play ranked games in the Philippines, they have a group chat where you’re gonna try to find teammates. When you finally form your team, there will surely be one drafter. In Indonesia, you just pick or ban whatever you want. Here it’s so uniform. That’s why I think it’s so competitive,” Baloyskie explained.

“I hope Indonesia will have a system like this. Like pro players and amateur players together in one group so it’s not hard to play ranked games. Because actually in Indonesia, I really want to play ranked but it’s so hard because you need to chat one by one. This one is a message to the Indonesian community to help us guys to have a community for amateurs and pro players.”

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