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No Equipment, No Problem: Rachel Daquis gets fit with use of household items



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When one has gotten used to hitting the gym, it can be difficult to break out of conventional routines.

That could be the case for most fitness enthusiasts around the world, including here in the Philippines after preventive measures have been made in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The lack of access to a bench press, treadmill, pull-up bar, and other equipment can put many in a bind. And needless to say, mounting a home gym setup can be quite taxing — both time and money-wise.

While calisthenics is the likely answer to such a dilemma, Rachel Daquis has provided unconventional workout pieces of equipment in breaking a sweat at home.

In her Instagram account, Daquis has shown how she makes good use of household items to turn the intensity of her training up a notch.

Here’s the regimen she created using stacks of tissue rolls, which requires three sets per exercise with at least two minutes of interval in between exercises.

• 180 jumps (four reps on each side)
• Single-leg Romanian Deadlift (four reps per leg)
• Russian Twist (eight reps)
• Bicycle crunches (four reps on each side)
• Seated Leg Raise side to side (12 reps)
• Toilet Paper Tap (12 taps)
• Swimmer (eight reps)

Now here’s another regimen that makes use of water bottles.


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Workout with RAD! Here are some exercise that you can do at home using household items. ———-💥”Bottled Water”💥 ———- For begginers you can use 50ml bottle up to 1 ltr , here in this video I‘m holding 2ltr bottle use this for progression. ☑️ Standing Arnold press x 10 reps ☑️ Lateral raise x 10 reps ☑️ Front raise x 10 reps ☑️ Biceps curl x 12 reps ☑️ Bent over row x 12 reps ☑️ Triceps extension x 10 reps ☑️ Upright row x 10 reps ☑️ Standing rear delt fly x 10 reps ☑️ Tricep pushdown x 12 reps Finish every exercise for 3 sets before doing the next one. Rest Interval 1 min Get fit while staying at home, Tag me in your videos when your done doing this workout! #workoutwithRAD #TeamRAD #RADFitness #homeworkout @radfitnessphilippines

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• Standing Arnold Press (10 reps)
• Lateral Raise (10 reps)
• Front Raise (10 reps)
• Bicep Curls (12 reps)
• Bent-Over Row (12 reps)
• Triceps Extension (10 reps)
• Upright Row (10 reps)
• Standing Rear Delt Fly (10 reps)
• Tricep Pushdown (12 reps)

Unlike the tissue roll routine, the water bottle workout can be done in progression, starting from 50 milliliters to one-liter bottles or even the two-liter ones, which Daquis used in her session. It also requires three sets per exercise with a minute of interval in between exercises.

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As an athlete and a gym owner of RAD Fitness to boot, Daquis is knowledgeable of the training dynamics. So if household objects can get the job done for her, it can do wonders to everyone else as well.