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MLB postpones World Baseball Classic Qualifiers due to corona pandemic



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Tim Tebow’s Philippine team debut will have to wait a little longer. 

In response to the on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Major League Baseball has postponed the 2021 World Baseball Classic Qualifiers.

The Philippines’ campaign in the tournament would have taken place from March 20 to 25 in Tucson, Arizona.

The Philippines is grouped with Panama, Great Britain, New Zealand, Czech Republic, and Spain in this tournament that will see four teams qualify for the global meet next year.

The national team was supposed to have Tebow, Dino Altomonte, Dominic Abbadessa, Aids Bernardo, Erwin Bosito, JR Bunda, Pablo Capati, Jonhil Carreon, Brady Conlan, Riley Conlan, Chase D’Arnaud, Alfredo De Guzman, Junmar Diarao, Vladi Eguia, Kiko Gesmundo, Menelik Israel, Romeo Jasmin, Diego Lozano, Javi Macasaet, Paulo Macasaet, Carlos Munoz, Devon Ramirez, Miguel Salud, Mario Songco, Yuki Takayama, and Jerome Yenson.

The league will announce the resumption of the tournament once the pandemic has been contained.

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