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Hoop Nut One on One: Predicting the Comm Cup Finals, BPC, and Best Import



*This conversation started BEFORE the March 29, Sunday games, and ended March 30, Monday.

(March 28 evening)
Rolly Mendoza 9:00pm
The playoffs for the Commissioner’s Cup is already underway. I think it’s about time we gave our predictions for the teams who will make the Finals, the Best Player of the Conference and Best Import.

Enzo Flojo 9:38pm
ROS-PUR in the Finals, Paul Lee as BPC, and Denzel Bowles as Best Import. Book them all.

Rolly Mendoza 10:23pm
Wait a minute! Didn’t you pick Josh Davis of Meralco as the Best Import in our previous post? [READ: Is Meralco For Real?] How come you’re suddenly changing picks? Admittedly, Bowles is a solid pick. He is 2nd (PJ Ramos-1st) in Player Efficiency while 4th in scoring and 8th in rebounds. However, my pick is Ivan Johnson of TNT. Johnson is 2nd in scoring and 7th in rebounds while coming in 3rd at Player Efficiency.

Enzo Flojo 10:37pm
Davis won’t be BPC because Meralco won’t make it past the semis. Sayang. They just lost steam. IF TNT barrels through Purefoods in the semis, then, sure Johnson takes it, but I maintain that the Hotshots will go all the way and Bowles will carry them. Johnson ain’t a bad choice, though. Huwag lang siyang ma-eject or ma-technical because of bad behavior. Remember, this is a guy who was banned from the Korean Basketball League for flashing the dirty finger at a ref (here in Manila, though, doing that is tantamount to nothing more than a fine).

(March 29)
Rolly Mendoza 12:51am
Well, Meralco is still alive in the playoffs so they MIGHT make it to the Finals, but TNT and Purefoods have better chances. In any case, the Best Import might boil down between Bowles and Johnson depending on which team goes deeper. I don’t recall Johnson being ejected yet, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt that it won’t happen this conference. I also like the fact that Johnson is a tougher cover because he has three-point range while Bowles is a better rim protector.

My Finals prediction: Meralco vs TNT

Hmmm… I think the BPC is between Jayson Castro, Paul Lee and Gary David. The other candidates have already been eliminated (Slaughter, Romeo, Fajardo). My BPC is Jayson Castro. He is averaging more points, more assists than Paul Lee and (unofficially) Castro is #2 in Statistical Points while Lee is at #3.

Enzo Flojo 11:43am
Wait, so Meralco will beat NLEX and beat ROS in their side of the bracket?! Crazy! No way the Bolts can do that… not the way they’re playing and not without Cliff Hodge. Castro has great numbers, but I don’t think TNT will make the Finals. Purefoods will beat them and then that will set the stage for ROS-PUR in the championship. Paul Lee gets BPC.

Rolly Mendoza 12:09pm
Actually, Cliff Hodge was able to play recently but Jared Dillinger has been ruled out of the conference due to a MCL injury to his knee. I guess this means that the Bolts will have a slimmer chance to reach the Finals. Oh well. Haha

Anyway, it appears that our choices for the individual awards are connected to how far their teams can reach in the playoffs. Do you think reaching the Finals is a great indicator of who should be named BPC and Best Import?

Enzo Flojo 1:14pm

Yes, you’re right, Hodge is back (though not 100%) and J-Dill is out. Tsk tsk. Sayang. Now I’m not even sure they can get past NLEX. Yes, of course, it matters if one can lead his team to the Finals, especially when it comes down to whether it’ll be Castro or Lee. Right now, both are good picks, but whoever makes the Finals should have the upper hand.

Rolly Mendoza 9:48pm
So, I waited for Meralco to eliminate NLEX before replying. The Bolts are in the Final Four, and they will face Rain or Shine whom they defeated in the elimination round. I cannot wait for the semis to begin already!

Enzo Flojo 10:35pm
ROS na yan. #asa haha But good call on David. El Granada exploded on NLEX!!!

Rolly Mendoza 10:39pm
Well, I made sure that Gary David read your comments about him not being good enough to win BPC

Enzo Flojo 10:40pm
Still not good enough. Get to the Finals and we’ll talk.

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