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BREN Esports rises from lower bracket, crowned Liga Adarna DOTA 2 champs



Tiebreaker Times BREN Esports rises from lower bracket, crowned Liga Adarna DOTA 2 champs DOTA 2 ESports News  Valkyrie5 Pacific Pink Liga Adarna Season 1 KEKKW J Hell yeah Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Ehhh? BREN Esports Bock bock bock bacon lover

BREN Esports rose back from the lower bracket to stun Pacific Pink, dethroning the defending champions, 2-1, in the best-of-three grand finals of the Liga Adarna DOTA 2 tournament, Sunday evening.

Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Ehhh? (Terrorblade) spearheaded BREN Esports’ Game Three victory, putting up five kills, a death, and 14 assists along with a total net worth of 49,163 in the title-clinching match.

Hell yeah (Night Stalker) backstopped Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Ehhh? with 11 kills, five deaths, and 14 assists while the supporting cast of Patricklangmalakas (Lich) and Par… (Grimstroke) provided a combined total of 10 kills, 10 deaths, and a whopping 41 assists.

BREN middlelaner Bock bock bock (Queen of Pain) finished the match with seven kills, six deaths, and 15 assists. He also bagged 22,612 in total net worth — second highest in the team behind Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Ehhh?.

On the other hand, J (Troll Warlord) led Pacific Pink with five kills, four deaths, and nine assists. Meanwhile, bacon lover (Puck), who topped the team in the gold department with 25,839, had eight kills, seven deaths, and six assists.

BREN Esports started out the series strong through a strong performance from Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Ehhh?’s Lifestealer. Pacific Pink, though, was able to send the series to a deciding Game Three behind bacon lover’s Templar Assassin.

Coming from the lower bracket, BREN Esports dispatched KEKKW before booting out Valkyrie5 for the right to face Pacific Pink in the finals.

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