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Asuncion Badminton Center closes doors due to pandemic



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The COVID-19 pandemic brought down another rock in Philippine sports.

Asuncion Badminton Center announced on its official Facebook page that will be soon closing its doors after 18 years of serving the sport’s community.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for the whole country, but more so for the sport of badminton,” the statement starts.

“With the ‘new normal’ rules on quarantine and social distancing and the prohibition of indoor gatherings, the sport has been completely inactive for the past few months. And the situation will likely not improve for many months or even years until the pandemic eventually goes under control.”

The Center will be closing its physical facilities and will be suspending all its face-to-face training programs, but will be resuming their online programs. Once the pandemic is under control, it hopes to continue both actual court games and formal training programs.

ABC also expressed their pride in all the players who have shared in their journey and have gone through their programs that enhanced their knowledge and skills in badminton.

Notable names in the sport who trace their roots of success to the Center established by coach Nestor Asuncion are his offspring and consequent coaches Kennie and Kennevic Asuncion, Bianca Carlos, Geva De Vera, and also most of the members of the UAAP championship teams of the Ateneo.

ABC, however, is optimistic that it will once again rise.

“While this pandemic has been a major challenge, this has not reduced our passion for the game. We view the next months as a temporary sabbatical leave from the sport, not a permanent retirement,” it read.

“We wish everyone a safe journey forward, as we traverse through the challenges of this pandemic. And we hope that someday, we meet again in happier times in the badminton courts.”

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