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Jerry Yee to coach BVR-powered squad



Charo Soriano and the rest of the Beach Volleyball Republic crew are set to return to indoor volleyball for the 2017 Premier V-League. However, it will not be for the Bali Pure Purest Water Defenders.BVR On Tour Nationals-Charo Soriano

Soriano, 31, confirmed that she, together with Dzi Gervacio and Bea Tan, are currently in the process of forming a new squad.

“Yes, we are forming a new team,” the Ateneo alumna shared.

Though the team has yet to secure a sponsor, they have already tapped University of the Philippines Lady Maroons mentor Jerry Yee as the team’s chief mentor.UAAP 79 NU vs. UP - Jerry Yee-8235

“Yes and it will just be for a month,” Yee added.

The Lady Maroons will not be required to join their Katipunan neighbors in this new endeavor, according to the Filipino-Chinese mentor, leaving the choice to them.

“I gave my senior players the freedom to choose the team they are playing [on] after the UAAP,” Yee shared.

“It’s really up to them.”

The BVR-powered squad will be one of the six teams joining the league, which includes defending Reinforced Champion Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors, the Alyssa Valdez-led Creamline Coolbusters, and the Philippine Air Force.


Beach Volleyball

Brazil’s Figueiredo, Amaral claim BVR Invitational title



Magnificent right from their first match, Brazilians Bruna Figueiredo and Mimi Amaral took the Beach Volleyball Republic Invitational throne, quelling Americans Jennifer Snyder and Chara Harris in the Final, 21-14, 18-21, 15-9, at the scenic Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana Cagayan earlier today.

Figuereido and Amaral wrapped up a perfect three-day run, winning every set until the Final. The Brazilians had defeated Snyder and Harris earlier in the day to book their ticket to the Final, 21-13, 21-9.

Snyder and Harris had to climb back into the Final, beating fellow Americans Alexa Micek and Leah Hinkey 21-10, 21-14 in a do-or-die match. Micek and Hinkey survived the grueling loser’s bracket to get their shot at their countrymen, defeating New Zealand duo Julia Tilley and Alicia Bain 21-8, 21-14.

The American tandem of Alexa Micek and Leah Hinkey bagged third place and 3,500USD

The American tandem of Alexa Micek and Leah Hinkey bagged third place and 3,500USD

Team USA's Jennifer Snyder and Chara Harris settle for 2nd place and 4,500USD

Team USA’s Jennifer Snyder and Chara Harris settle for 2nd place and 4,500USD

The champions of Brazil will go home with a cool 6,000USD

The champions of Brazil will go home with a cool 6,000USD

The Brazilians had competed in the Philippines before, placing fourth in the Spike for Peace tournament, last year.

“It’s great that we were came back to the Philippines and won a championship this time,” said Amaral. “The experience here has been amazing and I’m just glad we became champions. It makes it even sweeter for us,” Figueirado added.

The champions have been playing together for nearly 10 years, longer than any other tandem.

Local pairs Jennifer Cosas and Dij Rodriguez, and Bea Tan and Charo Sporiano finished in joint fifth together with Yupa Phokongploy and Rachel Herman from Thailand, and Kong Cheuk Yee and To Wing Tung of Hong Kong.

After the Larong Volleyball ng Pilipinas Inc. (LVPI) sanctioned this event, BVR is looking to continue holding events all over the Philippines.

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Beach Volleyball

BVR taking initiative with Sandroots program



“Growing the game” is the core value of upstart league Beach Volleyball Republic.

BVR has spread their love for beach volleyball around the country through the numerous tournaments they hold in the scenic coastal regions.

Perhaps, more importantly, the ladies have also jumpstarted a “Sandroots” program, teaching kids in the areas they visit the basics of beach volleyball and hoping to spark a passion to continue to learn the sport.

Right before the BVR Invitational Finals at Anguib beach, Sta. Ana, Cagayan early Saturday morning, the league’s international stars together with the founders took part in a mini-camp for the Cagayan youth. Together, they taught 28 local youths how the basics of beach volleyball and the true essence of sports.

BVR continues to bring this vision everywhere they go. They started building courts and holding exhibition matches. Now it has become pivotal for them to interact with the locals.

“Even before when we started holding exhibition games in Manila, which were the Kings and Queens of the Sands, we already knew that we wanted to grow the game further in the Philippines,” said BVR founder Charo Soriano.

“The number one thing is to introduce the game to the public. But we realized that doing events in Metro Manila wouldn’t help as much as doing events in coastal communities. That’s when we decided to do BVR on Tour that would allow us to interact with the Coastal communities.”

BVR has toured regions around Luzon and a few places in Visayas. As their young organization builds momentum and grows, they want to reach out to more regions around the country.

“We would want to visit more of the Visayas and Mindanao regions and reach out to the kids there. Everywhere we go, we see to it that we establish a relationship with the Local Government Unit so we know where they are with beach volleyball,” Soriano expressed.

“Most of these have zero programs for beach volleyball. That made us realize that we need to push aggressively for the Sandroots which focuses on growing the game through the youth.”

Soriano cited the numerous players who started out playing on the beach but had to convert to playing indoor because they have limited avenues in beach volleyball.

“We would really provide them the opportunity as well as other kids who wind up loving the sport an avenue to get better and competitive in the support.”

Now recognized by and holding events sanctioned by Larong Volleyball ng Pilipinas Incorporated, BVR has found the momentum they need to keep holding events and growing the support.

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Beach Volleyball

Micek-Hinkey, three international teams to vie for BVR Invitational title



Brazilian pair Bruna Figueiredo and Mimi Amaral, Americans Chara Harris and Jennifer Snyder, Kiwis Julia Tilley and Alice Bain, and BVR founder Alexa Micek and her American partner Leah Hinkey are the last teams standing in the 2016 Beach Volleyball Republic Invitational held at the Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

Topping Pool A yesterday, Amaral and Figuereido plowed through locals Charo Soriano and Bea Tan, 21-13, 21-9, then made quick work of Tilley and Bain, 21-11, 21-8. Pool B top seeds Snyder and Harris swept Pinays Jenifer Cosas and Dij Rodriguez, 21-15, 21-14 before squeezing past Micek and Hinkey, 21-19, 21-16.

Both top seeds will square-off tomorrow for the first Finals seat. The loser still has chance to make the Finals, facing the team that makes it through the grueling loser’s bracket.

The Kiwis together with Micek and Hinkey dug themselves out of the loser’s bracket and only have each other standing in the way of a shot at the Finals.

After losing to the Brazilians in their second crossover match, Tilley and Bain recovered with a rousing 21-17, 21-18 victory over Thai-American tandem Yupa Phokongploy and Rachel Sherman, eliminating the latter.

Micek and Hinkie crawled out of Pool D and took their first two crossover matches – a 21-10, 21-12 win over Singaporeans Tan Shieng Theng and Ong Wei Yu and a 21-19, 21-17 Yupa and Sherman. They then lost to their fellow Americans in the aforementioned match before getting back on track with a 21-13, 21-17 victory over Hong Kong pair Kong Cheuk Yee and To Wing Tung to set their matchup with the Kiwis.

The champion will come away 6,000 USD, the runner-up 4,500 USD, the third-placers 3,500 USD, and the fourth-placers 2,500 USD.

Soriano and Tan, Cosas and Rodriguez, Yupa and Sherman, and Yee and Tung all finished in joint fifth, earning 1,500 USD per pair.

Singaporeans Tan Shieng Theng and Ong Wei Yu, and Rachel Lau Yee Ting and Eliza Chung Hui Hui, Hong Kong tandem Lo Wai Yan and Yeung Yuk Mei, and Brazilians Rupia Inck and Erica Adachi all settled for joint ninth each bringing home 1,000 USD.

Before the matches resume tomorrow, BVR will be holding a sand-roots program, teaching and spreading their love for beach volleyball to local kids.

2016 Beach Volleyball Republic Invitational Tournament Day 2 results
June 10, 2016 – Anguib Beach, Sta. Ana, Cagayan

Cosas/Rodriguez def. Yan/Mei 21-16, 23-21

Yee/Tung def. Rachel/Eliza 21-15, 21-8

Micek/Hinkey def. Theng/Yu 21-10, 21-12

Tilley/Bain def. Yan/Mei 21-13, 21-14

Soriano/Tan def. Adachi/Inck 11-21, 21-16, 15-8

Micek/Hinkey def. Yupa/Sherman 21-19, 21-17

Snyder/Harris def. Cosas/Rodriguez 21-15, 21-14

Soriano/Tan def. Theng Yu 18-21, 21-17, 15-12

Figueruiedo/Amaral def. Tilley/Bain 21-11, 21-18

Yupa/Sheeman def. Adachi/Inck 21-11, 21-18

Snyder/Harris def. Micek/Hinkey 21-19, 21-16

Cosas/Rodriguez def. Rachel/Eliza 21-9, 21-11

Yee/Tung def. Soriano/Tan 21-10, 21-18

Yupa/Sherman def. Cosas/Rodriguez 21-10, 21-19

Micek/Hinkey def. Yee/Tung 21-13, 21-17

Tilley/Bain def. Yupa/Sherman 21-17, 21-18

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Beach Volleyball

International teams breakthrough in BVR Invitational pool play



Clear favorites emerged in the first day of the 2016 Beach Volleyball Republic Invitational tournament held at Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan, Thursday afternoon.

Being the first international beach volleyball tournament sanctioned by local volleyball authority Larong Volleyball ng Pilipinas, the Invitational brought ten pairs from different parts of the globe along with two local pairs in a three-day beach volleyball extravaganza.

With the 12 teams split into four groups, towering international pairs showed their mettle and dominated.

Pool A saw the Brazilan tandem Mimi Amaral and Bruna Figueredo sweep both their pool matches, ousting Singaporeans Tan Shiang Theng and Ong Wei Yu, 21-13, 21-18, and locals Jennifer Cosas and Dij Rodriguez 21-16, 21-5.

Veteran American duo Jennifer Snyder and Chara Harris made quick work of Hong Kong pair, 21-14, 21-13, then handled BVR founders Charo Soriano and Bea Tan, 21-5, 15-21, 15-5, to top Pool B.

Two-time Southeast Asian Games gold medalist Yupa Thokongploy and her American partner Rachel Sherman rose to the top of Pool C, defeating Singaporeans Rachel Lau Yue Ting and Eliza Chong Hui Hui, 21-5, 21-9, and returning Brazilian duo Erica Adachi and Rupia Inck, 21-17, 21-7.

Julia Tilley and Alica Bain of New Zealand took over Pool D, thwarting American tandem Alexa Micek and Leah Hinkey 23-21, 21-17, and Singaporeans 21-17, 21-10.

The teams that topped each bracket will get a bye into the next round and will await the winners of the crossover elimination matches tomorrow.

Brazilians Inck and Adachi will face Pinays Soriano and Tan in the first crossover match, Hong Kong pair Yee and Tung will take on Singapore’s Hui and Ting, locals pair Cosas and Rodriguez will play Hong Kong tandem Lo and Yeung, while Americans Micek and Hinkey will meet Singaporeans Tan and Ong.

The semifinals and final matches will be on June 11.

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