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Unbeaten UP Lady Shuttlers match-sweeps UE



6-0 UP Lady Maroons have been dominant the entire tournament racking-up 5 wins and a 24-6 match record. This record would improve by racking-up another win and 5 more match scores with a sweep of the UE Lady Shuttlers

Women’s Singles Match 1: Mary Ann Maranon (UP) def. Heidi Rosal (UE); 2:0

UP 1 – 0 UE

Heidi Rosal, whose only match loss was to Patricia Barredo in the entire tournament, scored a dominating 2-0 win against Heidi Rosal. In under 21 minutes of total court time, Mary Ann Maranon would only allow Rosal 16 total points. Maranon would win both sets 21-5 and 21-11.

Aggregate Score: Maranon 42 – Rosal 16

Total Match Time: 21 mins


Women’s Singles Match 2: Paola Beatriz Bernardo (UP) def. Rochelle Andres (UE); 2:1

UP 2 – 1 UE

In a tightly contested match-up, it was Paola Bernardo coming out on top against UE top-shuttler Rochelle Andres. Bernardo would start-off slow in the 1st game falling to a 7-1 hole early on. Bernardo would slowly come crawling back into the game before unleashing a final 6-0 rally to seal the 1st game 21-18. Andres would then tie things up in the 2nd set. This time, it was Andres falling to a 10-4 hole, 11-7 prior to the 11th point break. Rochelle Andres would be the one making a come-back and churning out a win to tie the match at 1-1 with a 21-18 win. After 35 minutes of action and two sets, Andres would be slow on her feet and give-up the final set to Bernardo. Bernardo, not showing any signs of fatigue, would win the deciding game 21-8.

Aggregate Score: Bernardo 60 – Andres 47

Total Match Time: 45 mins


Women’s Doubles Match 1: Maria Elisha Ongcuangco and Jessie Francisco (UP) def. Heidi Rosal and Lyra Rosal (UE); 2:0

UP 2 – 1 UE (UP wins)

In the first doubles’ action in this series, Maria Ongcuangco and Jessie Francisco continued the string of wins for the Lady Shuttlers from Diliman with a game-sweep of the tandem of the Rosal Sisters. Ongcuangco and Francisco would dominate both offensively and in returns in 24 minutes of action. They would win both sets with scores of 21-9 and 21-10.

Aggregate Score: Ongcuangco (23) and Francisco (19) 42 – H. Rosal (9) and L. Rosal (10) 19

Total Match Time: 35 mins


Women’s Doubles Match 2: Mitzel Desiree Buiza and Patricia Sofia Alcasid (UP) def. Kimverly Gatpolintan and Rochelle Andres (UE); 2:0

UP 3 – 1 UE (UP wins)

Same match, different result. The 2nd doubles match in this series had the same results as the 1st doubles match in this series. This time it was the tandem of Mitzel Buiza and Patricia Alcasid who would dominate the other doubles team from the University of the East. Buiza and Alcasid would defeat Gatpolintan and Andres in straight sets with scores of 21-11 and 21-5. It was probably the best performance from Patricia Alcasid, who was a one woman wrecking crew in this match.

Aggregate Score: Buiza (15) and Alcasid (27) 42 – Gatpolintan (10) and Andres (6)

Total Match Time: 25 mins


Women’s Singles Match 3: Maria Elisha Ongcuangco (UP) def. Kimverly Gatpolintan (UE); 3:1

UP 4 – 1 UE (UP wins)

The first set of this match saw Ongcuangco win in a blow-out with a 21-7 win over Kimverly Gatpolintan. Gatpolintan would then win the 2nd set, without giving-up the lead, with a 21-16 score. The deciding set, however, would see Maria Elisha Ongcuangco regain her composure and again dominate Gatpolitan in a 21-13 beating.

Aggregate Score: Ongcuangco 58 – Gatpolintan 41

Total Match Time: 48 mins


Total Games Won: UP 10 – 2 UE

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