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Tiebreaker Times

Season 77 Hosts UE Lady Shuttlers complete day-sweep; defeats NU

The Ladies from UE would accomplish a gentleman’s sweep over their opponents from NU, dropping the last match to end with a score of 4 – 1. Rochelle Andres and Heidi Rosal would be the anchors of UE as at least one of them present during all 4 of their victories.

Women’s Singles 1: Rochelle Andres (UE) def. Kezzeah Cuilao (NU) 2:0

UE 1 – 0 NU

There isn’t much to say about this match. Rochelle Andres overpowered her opponent during both of the sets they played. The first set was all but decided when she went on a 12-1 run against Kezzeah Cuilao to win 21 – 4. The second set wasn’t really that different as she started the set with a 9-0 run. Kezzeah didn’t really threaten to close the gap as she fell, 21 – 5.

Aggregate score: Andres 42 – Cuilao 9

Total match time: 15 mins


Women’s Singles 2: Heidi L. Rosal (UE) def. Zyrish Cambe (NU) 2:1

UE 2 – 0 NU

The first set had Cambe stun the athlete from UE with a 9 – 2 run to start. Rosal would then regain her composure and try to fight back, getting the score close at 18 – 19. Despite this, Cambe would score 3 straight points to end the game, 18 – 21. With vengeance in her eyes, Rosal would start the second set on fire, going on a quick 10 – 2 over Cambe. The NU athlete would never recover, and Rosal would take the victory, 21 – 10. The third set would start as a close affair, with both players trading points as well as the lead. Rosal, facing a 10 – 13 deficit, would mount a comeback and go on a 6 point run, taking the lead at 16 – 13.  She would not relent, allowing Cambe to score only 2 more points as Rosal takes the set and the match, 21 – 15.

Aggregate score: Rosal 60 – Cambe 46

Total match time: 35 mins


Women’s Doubles 1: Rochelle Andres and  Kimverly Gatpolintan (UE) def. Lovely Magallano and Kezzeah Cullao (NU) 2:0

UE 3 – 0 NU (UE wins)

The first set of this match saw both tandems in a close match. They traded leads until it was tied at 10-all. After a barrage of initial errors by the Lady Warriors, they made up for it, lead by Rochelle Andres with 12 first set points. The Lady Warriors won the set 21-17. On the deciding set for the Lady Warriors, they started slow trailing the Lady Bulldogs 8-4. A string of errors and a couple of drop shots gave the team of Magallano and Cullao the lead. The teams would trade leads hereafter  until Rochelle Andres would take control of the set and win the game for the Lady Warriors team with a score of 21-18

Aggregate score: Rochelle Andres (24) and Kimverly Gatpolintan (18) 42 – 35 Lovely Magallano (14) and Kezzeah Cullao (21)

Total match time: 27 mins.


Women’s Doubles 2: Heidi L. Rosal and Lyra Jane Rosal (UE) def. Zyrish Cambe and Jhayrien Dizon (NU) 2:0

UE 4 – 0 NU (UE wins)

The Rosal sisters dominated their match against the Bulldog team of Zyrish Cambe and Jhayrien Dizon. This domination could be best highlighted by the 11 straight points scored by the sisters capped off by an amazing pending shot by Heidi Rosal, who was credited for all 11 points of that rally. The sisters would never look back and won the set for the Lady Warriors 21-14. The second set would be the same which included a more impressive 12-2 point run  by the sisters which set the pace for a 21-12 victory for the UE pair.

Aggregate score: Heidi Rosal (26) and Lyra Jane Rosal (16) 42 – 26 Zyrish Cambe (14) and Jhayrien Dizon (12)

Total match time: 20 mins


Women’s Singles 3: Lovely Magallano (NU) def. Kimverly Gatpolintan (UE) 2:0

UE 4 – 1 NU (UE wins)

In a match that would sweep the series for the UE Lady Warriors, it was Lovely Magallano spoiling everything for the Season 77 hosts. Both ladies saw action in the earlier day during doubles competition. The first set was a close set with Lovely Magallano escaping with a win 21-19. During the second set, however, Gatpolitan almost had the set to tie the match but Lovely Magallano rallied from 7 down to secure a win for her school. The final point saw a tired Gatpolitan commit a short drop that did not go over the net. Lovely Magallano won the set 22-20.

Aggregate score: Lovely Magallano 43 – 39 Kimverly Gatpolitan

Total Match Time: 30 mins.
Aggregate sets won: UE 8 – 3 NU

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