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Rollapalooza 2014 Results



[nextpage title=” ” ]Rollapalooza has been making its mark in the local Jiu Jitsu scene as one of the most laid back, feel good tournaments in the Philippines. The event was held on August 31, 2014, at the Events Hall of Fishermall along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. The event was sponsored by Crossfit Halcyon.

Some of the Philippines’ best Jiu-Jitsu athletes started their careers by winning medals in Rollapalooza including world champions Maybelline Masuda (DEFTAC), Eros Baluyot (Atos Jiu-Jitsu) and Meggie Ochoa (Atos Jiu-Jitsu).

Here are some athletes who had a splendid showing that day:

Jonathan Pulgar, Gio Mendioro, Kenneth Napolis (Ronin Jiu-jitsu) – The three dominated the white belt -64kg by closing it out for Ronin Jiu-jitsu, placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Rey Lastra (Deftac) – Lastra won the -76kg in both Adults Division and Masters Division. Lastra also secured a silver in the white belt masters division.

Cyrus Gredona (Atos) – Having only started 6 months ago, Gerdona dominated his opponent in the male adults white belt -70kg division.

Michelle Masuda (Deftac) – After being crowned women’s absolute white belt champion in the Philippine Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Nationals, Masuda showed she is no fluke by bagging both gold medals in the women’s white belt -64kg and absolute division.

Abraham Alzate (Kamphuis Fabricio) – Alzate won two gold medals in Male Adults White belt -94kg and absolute division.

Charles Platon (Kamphuis Fabricio) – Platon submitted all of his opponents and was crowned champion of the male adults blue belt -82kg and absolute division.

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Male White belt Absolute:
Abraham Alzate (Kamphuis Fabricio) vs TJ Tiu (Deftac)



Female White belt Absolute:
Michelle Masuda (Deftac) vs Jamilla Cantos (Deftac)

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Adult Blue belt

Under 58.5kg Finals
John Rejano (Atos) vs Meggie Ochoa (Atos)
Rejano and Ochoa, both having no opponents in their respective divisions, chose to fight each other instead. Rejano won the match with a triangle choke.

Tiebreaker Times Rollapalooza 2014 Results News

John Rejano (Atos) vs Meggie Ochoa (Atos)

Under 64kg Finals
Paolo Tiu (Origins BJJ) vs Carlo Laurel (Ronin Jiu-jitsu)

Two of the rising stars of Philippine Brazilian Jiu-jitsu collided in this match up. Paolo Tiu won the match with a score of 11-6 over Laurel.


Under 70kg Finals
Michael Tiu (Origins BJJ) vs Third Guevarra (Deftac)

Tiu advanced to the finals after defeating Sherwin Yao (Deftac) with an arm lock, while Guevarra secured his spot by defeating Adrain de Leon (Atos) with a choke from the back. Tiu won the match with a score of 8-0 over Guevarra.


Under 76kg Finals
Stephen Salazar (Kamphuis Fabricio) vs Enzo Palacios (Deftac)

Touted as the Ezekiel choke king, Stephen Salazar won all of his matches with his trademark choke.


Under 82kg Finals
Round Robin format
Charles Platon (Kamphuis Fabricio) vs Martin Toledo (Deftac) vs Arthur Mori (Deftac)

Platon led the round robin by submitting Mori with a kimura and Toledo with an armbar. Toledo secured the silver with a win over Mori via an Ezekiel choke.

Tiebreaker Times Rollapalooza 2014 Results News

Martin Toledo (Deftac) vs Arthur Mori (Deftac)

Under 88kg
Round Robin format
Armand Cendana (Atos) vs Joseph Sentero (Kamphuis Fabricio) vs Allen Oblena (Origins BJJ)

Cendana defeated both Oblena and Sentero with a score of 2-0 for both matches. Oblena defeated Sentero with a triangle choke to finish second place.

Tiebreaker Times Rollapalooza 2014 Results News

Armand Cendana vs Allen Oblena

Absolute blue
Skip Leido (Atos) vs Charles Platon (Kamphuis Fabricio)

Skip Leido dominated early in the match. However, in the last few seconds of the match, Platon managed to secure a Gogoplata winning the absolute blue belt division.


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Under 64kg
Round Robin Format
Eros Baluyot (Atos) vs Mike Tabamo (Deftac) vs Ken Noda (Ronin Jiu-jitsu)

Baluyot defeated Noda with a score of 4-2 after a spectacular exchange of guard, sweeps and passing attempts by both competitors. Baluyot then defeated Tabamo with a choke from the Back. Noda secured the second place by submitting Tabamo with a Triangle Choke.

Under 70kg
Best of 3
Gian Dee (Atos)  vs Walter Barrios (Atos) 

Dee defeated Barrios in two consecutive matches with an ankle lock and an armbar.

Under 76kg
Best of 3
Neil Ferreira vs Rusty Ada

Ferreira won the division by finishing Ada with a choke from the back and a collar choke from side control.

Tiebreaker Times Rollapalooza 2014 Results News


Purple belt Absolute
Gian Dee (Atos) vs Eros Baluyot (Atos)

Baluyot and Dee closed out the purple belt absolute division with Baluyot stepping down for Dee.

Tiebreaker Times Rollapalooza 2014 Results News

** Thank you to Dany Ty, Joel Jayme, and Johan Janeo for the photos and videos, and to Amanda Garcia for the results.



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