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Tiebreaker Times

UP Lady Shuttlers defeat ADMU Lady Shuttlers, 4-1 to win their season opener.

Despite dropping the first set, UP Lady Shuttlers managed to win 4 in a row to beat the ADMU Lady Shuttlers. UP was led by Mary Ann Maranon, who won the 2nd singles set and the 2nd doubles set alongside Marina Caculitan.


Women’s Singles 1: Ma. BiancaYsabel Carlos (ADMU) def. Paola Beatriz Bernardo (UP) 2:0,

ADMU 1 – UP 0.

The first set saw Bianca go on an early 6 – 3 lead against her opponent. She would then manage to keep the lead, where she would eventually take an 18 – 14 lead versus Paola. Paola would however go on a 5 – 1 run and end up tying the score at 19 all. Things would start to get scrappy as they both begin to trade points, but with the score tied at 22, Bianca would be able to score 2 in a row to net a 24-22 victory. The final set would see Paola take an early 3-0 lead, but everything would start to go downhill from there as Bianca would proceed to bounce back and take a 17 – 12 lead, and eventually end the match at 21 – 14.

Aggregate score: Carlos 45 – Bernardo 36

Total match time: 39 mins.


Women’s Singles 2: Mary Ann Maranon (UP) def. Cassandra Grace Lim (ADMU) 2:0,

ADMU 1 – UP 1.

In the first set, both players would go on their own individual runs, starting with Cassandra’s quick 4-0 start. Mary Ann would then come charging back to take a 14-10 lead, but Cassandra would respond and lead the set with a score of 18-16. Unfortunately, Cassandra was only able to score 1 more point as Mary Ann came roaring back to win 21 – 19. For the second set, Mary Ann would not let go of the momentum she gained during her 1st set comeback, and trounce Cassandra to take the victory 21 – 10.

Aggregate score: Maranon 42 – Lim 29

Total match time: 30 mins.


Women’s Doubles 1: Jessie Francisco and Maria Elisha Ongcuangco (UP) def. Janel Adrianne Dihiansan and Dia Nicole Magno (ADU) 2:1,

ADMU 1 – UP 2

The first set would see the duo of Francisco, who scored all but 1 point during this run, and Ongcuangco take a big 8-1 lead against their opponents. Their opponents from the other side of Katipunan would try to fight their way back, but would get no closer than 4 points. UP would then go on to take the first set, 21-17. The second set would promise to be a much closer affair, as both teams would go on numerous runs, but neither team taking a significant advantage. The final tie of the game would be at the 20 point mark on a Ongcuangco score, but Dihiansan would then make 2 in a row to win the set, 22-20. The third and final set would be a close one all throughout, but the UP Lady Shuttlers would manage to take the win, 21 – 19.

Aggregate score: Francisco (36) & Ongcuangco (25) 61 – Dihiansan (28) & Magno (31) 59

Total match time:66 mins.


Women’s Doubles 2: Maria Caculitan and MaryAnn Maranon (UP) def. Ma. Bianca Ysabel Carlos and Janelle Gloriane De Vera (ADMU) 2:1,

ADMU 1 – UP 3 (UP wins)

The duo from UP would begin the first set strong, notching a 13-6 advantage over their rivals from Ateneo. With the score at 18-11, the ladies from Ateneo would mount one final rush to stave off defeat, going on a 7-1 run to keep the game close at 19-18. Despite this onslaught, UP would maintain their composure and manage to beat Ateneo 21-19 for the first set. Ateneo fought back harder during the second set, notching an early 5-0 lead versus their UP counterparts. They would continue this hot start to lead 17-11, but UP would blitz them for 7 straight points to take the lead at 17-18. Both teams would fight for victory, eventually tying the game at 20 all, but the Ateneans would take the victory with 2 straight points, 22 – 20. Complacency might have been Ateneo’s downfall as their 2nd set victory was quickly vanquished when UP would go on a 9 to 0 run. UP would not relinquish this lead and would eventually win, 21 – 16.

Aggregate score: Caculitan (42) & Maranon (21) 63 – Carlos (32) & De Vera (25) 57

Total match time: 60 mins.


Women’s Singles 3: Jessie Francisco (UP) def. Dia Nicole Magno (ADMU) 2:0

ADMU 1 – UP 4 (UP wins)

During the first set, Magno would take an early 4-2 lead, but quickly lose it when Francisco goes on the offensive for 5 straight points to take the lead, 4-7. Magno would rally back to tie the game at 11, but would eventually falter and fall to Francisco, who would win 21 – 17 for the first set. At the start of the 2nd set, it would seem like Magno would regain her composure as she nets 3 straight points to lead 3-0, but Francisco would charge at her for 4 straight points, and while Magno would try to fight back initially, Francisco would not relent and take the victory, 21-17.

Aggregate score: Francisco (42) – Magno (34)

Total match time: 40 mins.

Aggregate sets won: UP 8 , ADMU 4

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