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Hoop Nut One-on-One: How to fix Ginebra

pba19 Hoop Nut One-on-One: How to fix Ginebra  - philippine sports newsEven before the game between the Ginebra Gin Kings and the Meralco Bolts, the Hoop Nut tag team had a bad feeling about the current situation of the Gin Kings. Alas, the Gin Kings fell to the Bolts during opening day.

Rolly Mendoza
Will a new head coach fix Ginebra?

Enzo Flojo
Of course not because the guy replacing Jeff isn’t new. Ato Agustin as the “new” coach? Don’t make me laugh. Fixing Ginebra isn’t like changing a car’s tail light. It’s more complicated than that. It’s more akin to overhauling an engine. Ginebra has to be patient, which is crazy because they’ve never really been patient. It’s all about instant results.

Rolly Mendoza
So the problem starts at the top. Team management needs to be patient in order to find the right coach. The results will ideally come if a coach is given more than two conferences to instill a new offense.
That being said, Ginebra needs to shuffle their roster. I will let you suggest the players first. Take note: plural form.

Enzo Flojo
Off the top of my head, Ginebra needs to replace LA Tenorio, Chris Ellis, and, honestly, either/both Mark Caguioa and/or JayJay Helterbrand. The Kings need a change in culture and depth. The guys I mentioned haven’t been consistently good this season, and the team’s never-say-die attitude has, well, died.

They need new blood to inject some more passion and complementary talent into the team.

Rolly Mendoza
I’ll go as far as breaking up the twin towers of Aguilar and Slaughter. Height is might but so far it hasn’t worked with the Gin Kings so a change should be explored.

Who should replace the guys we just mentioned? Is there an ideal mold or type of player that should play for the Barangay? How about guys like Belga and Abueva?

Enzo Flojo
I’ll only pick guys from San Miguel Corp teams or teams that have willingly and willfully dealt with San Miguel Corp teams, so…
pba56 Hoop Nut One-on-One: How to fix Ginebra  - philippine sports newsI’m picking Stanley Pringle of GlobalPort to replace LA Tenorio. Pringle’s athleticism and aggro should give Ginebra a boost. I would maybe also pick someone like RR Garcia as a small-ball SG/back-up PG to replace either Caguioa or Helterbrand. Going by your reasoning, I would also maybe replace Japeth Aguilar with a more aggro stretch 4 like Anthony Semerad or a more in-your-face inside operator like Jake Pascual.

Rolly Mendoza
Since GlobalPort deals with SMC teams…

pba54 Hoop Nut One-on-One: How to fix Ginebra  - philippine sports newsI like the Pringle-Tenorio swap and I would also trade for Terrence Romeo for Caguioa or Helterbrand. Romeo gives Ginebra playmaking options and he won’t shy away from taking the big shot. Think of him as a better version of Bal David…

As for Aguilar being moved out for a stretch 4 with better range, how about Beau Belga? Now, I don’t know if Rain or Shine will be intetested with such a deal but Belga also reminds me of a former Ginebra player: Noli “The Tank” Locsin.

Enzo Flojo
I’m not sure I see how Romeo’s game is similar to Bal David’s, but I guess their no-fear attitude is fairly the same? Belga could work, but I’m not sure he works well as a PF and, besides, I hardly think ROS would deal one of their Gilas boys to a rival faction, even if the prize is Japeth.

How about this — get Greg outta there and bring in some first round picks for the 2015 draft? If the Kings can swing this, they might get a shot at a tougher big guy. Maybe Moala Tautuaa, or Troy Rosario, or AVO?

Rolly Mendoza
I’ll admit that comparisons to former Ginebra players might be a stretch but I simply want to see a successful run for the Gin Kings. The Slaughter scenario for draft picks might actually work.

uaap175 Hoop Nut One-on-One: How to fix Ginebra  - philippine sports newsPersonally, Troy Rosario would be a nice fit here. He can develop into a solid stretch 4 but needs to work on his outside shot.

Enzo Flojo
Hmm I’d drop Japeth for Troy. I think ROS and Kia have probable top 3 picks next year, so I’d trade Japeth for either team’s pick. What do you think?
Cone Hoop Nut One-on-One: How to fix Ginebra  - philippine sports newsOf course, if we’re talking about real overhaul, I’d trade like both Japeth and LA for Tim Cone and Mark Barroca.

Rolly Mendoza
Absolutely agree to change the roster in any shape or form. However, things at the management level and the coaching staff still need more work. I guess they should give Coach Ato Agustin two conferences or less to try and make this team competitive…


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