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DLSU Green Shuttlers demolishes UE, now at 2nd place



Court 3

The De La Salle Green Shuttlers showed why they are one of the perineal favorites to win the UAAP Season 77 badminton crown by completely outclassing the University of the East Shuttlers. It was a showcase performance by DLSU’s highly-ranked John Kenneth Monterubio, Elijah Boac, the exciting tandem of Sibayan and Cayanan, the other Monterubio Prince and Jericson Obaob.

Men’s Singles Match 1: John Kenneth Monterubio (DLSU) def. Arman Manlalangit (UE), 2:0
DLSU 1 – 0 UE

In the first of many blowouts in this series, John Kenneth Monterubio blew-out Arman Manlalangit in two games and in just under 34 minutes. The first set was never close as the elder Monterubio would score on 16 of the games last 20 points in a masterful performance, including a 10 point rally. The game ended with a score of 21 – 10. The second set saw Arman Manlalangit gain a little bit of momentum leading Monterubio 9 to 7. Monterubio was flat during this run by Manlalangit. After the 11th point break wherein Manlalangit was holding on to a single point lead, Monterubio would once again regain his control of the court, returning every smash of Manlalangit and converting it into ins. Monterubio would only Manlalangit to score only on 4 points, half of it because of unsuccessful drops by him. Monterubio won the 2nd game 21 – 15.

Aggregate Score: Monterubio 42 – Manlalangit 25
Total Match Time: 34 mins.

Men’s Singles Match 2: Elijah Boac (DLSU) def. Benjamin Silva (UE), 2:0
DLSU 2 – 0 UE
Tiebreaker Times DLSU Green Shuttlers demolishes UE, now at 2nd place News
Just like the first match, Elijah Boac’s match against Benjamin Silva was never in doubt. In fact, Silva never led at any point during the two games. The result was a drubbing by Elijah Boac, winning the first set 21 – 15 and the second 21 – 12.

Aggregate Score: Boac 42 – Silva 27
Total Match Time: 25 mins.

Men’s Doubles Match 1: Gerald Sibayan and Carlos Cayanan (DLSU) def. Arman Manlalangit and John Kenneth Cruz (UE), 2:0
DLSU 3 – 0 UE (DLSU wins)
Tiebreaker Times DLSU Green Shuttlers demolishes UE, now at 2nd place News
The Green Shuttlers duo of Sibayan and Cayanan continue to hit perfect harmony during this season. This time they would clobber the UE duo of Manlalangit and Cruz in 22 action. The two clearly outclassed their opponents as the two scored at will. They would win the first set 21 – 13. The 2nd game saw Arman Manlalangit, who is playing his 2nd game of the day, visibly exhausted as the game went on. The game would be close during the 11th point break but the shuttlers from Taft would go into overdrive, successfully smashing lobs by the UE squad and returning all UE smashes in return. Sibayan and Cayanan win 21-13.

Aggregate Score: Sibayan (27) and Cayanan (15) 42 – Manlalangit (15) and Cruz (11) 26
Total Match Time: 22 mins.

Men’s Doubles Match 2: Prince Monterubio and John Kenneth Monterubio (DLSU) def. Ramon Guerrero and Jose Luiz Gomez (UE), 2:1
DLSU 4 – 0 UE (DLSU wins)
Tiebreaker Times DLSU Green Shuttlers demolishes UE, now at 2nd place News
In what many may call an upset, Ramon Guerrero and Jose Luiz Gomez would beat the highly-touted Monterubio brothers during the first game of this match. The Monterubios, Prince specifically, was flat-footed during the first game. His drops were fell short and could not return on long lobs. The UE duo took advantage of this winning the first set 21 – 17. The next two sets saw both Monterubios regain their composure and find their winning form. They would blow-out their opponents with scores of 21 – 15 and an outstanding 21 – 9 in the 3rd game to win the match.

Aggregate Score: Prince Monterubio (22) and John Kenneth Monterubio (37) 59 – Guerrero (23) and Gomez (22) 45
Total Match Time: 50 mins.

Men’s Singles Match 3: Jericson Obaob (DLSU) def. Mc Niel Roldan (UE), 2:0
DLSU 5 – 0 UE (DLSU wins)
Tiebreaker Times DLSU Green Shuttlers demolishes UE, now at 2nd place News
Jericson Obaob put the finishing touches to the series that saw them totally outclass the Red Warriors. Obaob and Roldan’s first set saw Obaob cruise through a small lead, while showing excellent control of the court. However, a string of short returns from Obaob gave Roldan a chance to steal the match cutting the lead and tie the game at 19-all. Obaob would be fortunate to have a Roldan lob go astray and capped the game with a successful drop to gain the set. The second set saw Roldan gain a 9 to 4 advantage over Obaob. In an amazing display of both offense and defense, Obaob would score 17 straight points and to a DLSU victory.

Aggregate Score: Obaob 42 – Roldan 28
Total Match Time: 27 mins.

Aggregate Matches Won: DLSU 10 – 1 UE

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