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DLSU ends 2nd round with a 7-0 record, complete season sweep



Defending champions De La Salle University Green Paddlers completed their bid for another podium finish, sweeping the second round of the tournament, 7-0.

DLSU vs NU (1-0)

A narrow first match victory by NUs’s Misal would give NU the early edge, but the next three matches would go to La Salle’s Ledesma, Xu, Garganian, and Cristobal, giving the squad from Taft the point to start the day.

DLSU vs UST (2-0)

La Salle’s hot start would continue in their second match of the day, with Cristobal, Yatco, Garganian and Yu bagging victories in the first three match-ups to seal the victory.

DLSU vs. UE (3-0)

The streak would continue for La Salle entering their second hour of play. Despite UE’s paddlers putting up a strong showing, all three of the first sets would go to La Salle, taking out UE’s paddlers 3-2, 3-2, and 3-1.

DLSU vs AdU (4-0)

Cristobal and Ledesma would manage to bag victories in the first two matches to keep the streak alive for La Salle, but the Adamson paddlers would manage to pull-off a shocker in the doubles match to keep the fire alive for the San Marcelino-based squad. Yatco however would eventually pull through 3-1 in the fourth to take home the point for La Salle.

DLSU vs ADMU (5-0)

The 2pm matchup between La Salle and Ateneo would only prove to be another testament to the unstoppable power of La Salle. Ledesma, Cristobal, and the duo of Solis and Ruiz would bag the first three matches, all 3-0, to add another point to the La Salle tally.

DLSU vs UP (6-0)

The La Salle streak would remain unbroken come the 4pm meeting with UP. The La Salle paddlers would once again bag the win in three matches, with Ledesma, Cristobal, and the duo of Garganian and Yu bagging victories to secure another point.

DLSU vs FEU (7-0)

The first two matches would be split between the schools from Taft and Morayta, with the first set going to La Salle’s Ledesma and the second match going to FEU’s Osorno. Garganian and Yu however would manage to prevail in the doubles match, and Yatco would manage to pull through after a heated fourth match to bag the victory and complete the second round sweep for La Salle.

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