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Aura PH splits opening assignments in Mytel International



Tiebreaker Times Aura PH splits opening assignments in Mytel International ESports Mobile Legends News  Resurgence Rafflesia Killuash Jaypee Greed_ Geek Fam Indonesia Aura PH 2020 Mytel International Championship

Aura PH opened its 2020 Mytel International Championship campaign on a rousing note, handing Resurgence a 2-0 whipping. Later, though, they fell to Geek Fam Indonesia in their second match of the night, Thursday.

Rafflesia (Atlas) flexed his muscles right in the opener, providing perfectly executed fatal links in different clashes and paving the way for Aura to dominate in the early game against Resurgence.

And none were as important as the three-man fatal links he popped in the 14:25-minute mark of the game. With those, he stunned Kayzeepi (Khufra) Sync (X.Borg), and Iy4Iy4Iy4 (Yi Sun Shin) and ignited a crucial clash in the bottom lane.

Jaypee (Leomord) killed Iy4Iy4Iy4 while Killuash (Hilda) took care of Sana (Yu Zhong), leaving Kayzeepi, Sync, and Jason (Cyclops) to defend.

Greed_ then made quick work of Jason, before Rafflesia executed two-man fatal links on the remaining two which resulted in a wipeout, sealing Game One for Aura PH.

Rafflesia had 19 assists in the opening match along with a kill and two deaths ,while Jaypee pumped in seven kills and 12 assists.

Aura PH put out another dominant performance in Game Two to chalk up their first win in the tournament.

The team failed to sustain its momentum, though, dropping two lopsided games to Geek Fam Indonesia minutes after their first win.

Jaypee (Yi Sun Shin) was held to just a kill, two assists, along with three deaths in the Game Two against Geek Fam. On the other hand, Rafflesia (Khufra) had a kill and three assists laced with two deaths.

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AyamJAGO (Pharsa) starred for Geek Fam in the series-clinching win with six kills and eight assists, while RAMZUU finished with six kills, four assists, and a death.