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2015 PBA Mock Draft



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It’s that time of the year everybody! In just a few days, the PBA will be injecting new blood into the players’ pool via the Annual Draft. Naturally, fans, media, and people-in-the-know have done their own mock drafts. Under the request of our editor, we’ve held back as long as we could with our own mock draft so that we could get as much information as possible.

The following list takes into account the latest trades and potential moves that our sources have provided us. For fun, I’ve also added ceiling and floor PBA pegs for each player. This could be totally wrong but who cares – it’s supposed to be fun.

The obvious Top Two picks >>

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1A & 1B: TNT selects Troy Rosario and Mo TautuaaPhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

There’s no doubt about it – these two studs are the crème of the crop for this year’s batch of rookies. Tautuaa just dominated the D-League, showing why he’s deserving of the #1 overall pick.

Meanwhile, Rosario has just had a dream season himself. After being a relative nobody a year ago, he helped lead the Bulldogs to their first UAAP championship in SIXTY freaking years. Then he joined Hapee and showed that he could shine, even amongst a lineup full of stars. After that, he joined forces with his fellow collegiate stars, pushing the Sinag National Team to a gold medal at Seaba.

Let’s not forget who his coaches were at Seaba. That’s right – the MVP-led brain trust. Rumors are they are totally in love with his work ethic and team first attitude, which makes picking him a no-brainer. He could be the next coming of Ranidel De Ocampo.

Seriously, the sky’s the limit for these two players.

So, why 1A and 1B?

It’s been an open secret for months that Mahindra would be trading their first round pick (#2 overall) to TNT in exchange for milk and cookies. Jokes aside, the only thing that hasn’t been established is the actual composition of the trade – who would actually be moved and to what team.

The latest rumors are that TNT will be sending over Kevin Alas to NLEX, who in turn will trade one of their first round picks (most likely the 10th pick) and Aldrech Ramos to Mahindra. Jonas Villanueva’s name has circulated as well, so the veteran point guard could be in play as well.

In exchange for this package, Mahindra will send their pick to NLEX, which will be rerouted to TNT.

Is this a fair package? At a glance, it seems like it isn’t. As the cliché goes, the team that gets the best player is normally the winner of the trade. Ramos and the 10th pick for essentially a stud in Rosario or Tautuaa don’t seem fair. If however, Mahindra somehow gets their hand on NLEX’s number 6 pick, which could make things a lot more interesting.

For the third pick, the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters select >>

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3. Rain or Shine selects Chris NewsomePhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

For months, many believed that the Elasto Painters would use this pick to select a big man. With former DLSU Archer Norbert Torres being the best available big, it seemed like the logical choice for Rain or Shine.

I can’t help but feel though that Coach Yeng Guiao may end up using this pick on somebody else, even after trading away the solid Jervy Cruz.

Don’t forget that Guiao selected Kevin Alas in last year’s draft, as insurance in case Lee would be pried away from him. Of course, that all worked out and Alas is now with TNT (or soon to be NLEX?).

That said, perhaps Guiao will feel that it’s time to add a little bit of athleticism to his wing positions. Rumors are that they are shopping Ryan Arana, so this could help unclog some minutes for any newbie. Also, Gabe Norwood is getting a little long in the tooth, so he could start mentoring the young Newsome to take his spot in a few years.

Ceiling: Gabe Norwood

Floor: Rey Guevarra

For the fourth pick, the Meralco Bolts select >>

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4. Meralco selects Garvo LanetePhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

This is a homer pick for the MVP group. Management has asked the kid to skip the draft a couple of years now, so it’s about time they let the kid go big time.

Aside from the political reasons for this pick, Garvo would have a great opportunity to learn from Meralco’s aging back court. The newly acquired Jimmy Alapag and Gary David are in their twilight years, and who better to pass the torch to but a winner like Lanete?

The only question about Lanete is if he can still make a big improvement – he’s already 26 years old – and if he has the size to play the 2-guard position and be more than just a spot-up shooter.

Ceiling: Dondon Hontiveros

Floor: JR Cawaling

For the fifth pick, the Barangay Ginebra Kings select >>

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5. Ginebra selects Norbert TorresPhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

This is where the draft gets really interesting. It will be Tim Cone’s first draft as Ginebra’s head coach. He’s already gone on record saying that the roster is imbalanced (hint: too many guards!), so we can deduce that he may be leaning towards getting a big man.

The obvious pick at this point may very well be Norbert Torres.

Torres may not be the sexiest name left on the list, but he does two things that Tim Cone loves. First, Norbert is a good rebounder, using his size to take up space. Second, he’s a smart offensive player who knows how to make reads and is a good passer. This is a major plus for him since he’ll be playing in the triangle, which is a read-and-react offense.

Ceiling: Beau Belga

Floor: Justin Chua

For the sixth pick, the NLEX Road Warriros select >>

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6. NLEX selects Scottie ThompsonPhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

This might be the hardest pick in the first round. Keep in mind that there are two Bedans left on the board – Art Dela Cruz and Baser Amer – both of whom have played for Coach Boyet Fernandez. Will management really force him to pass up on one of his guys?

For a shot at Scottie Thompson, I think yes. Out of the three, he has the highest upside on the pro level. His feel for the game on offense is at par with Amer and Dela Cruz, but it’s his defense that sets him apart. He’s also taller than Amer, which allows him to guard both 1 and 2s.

Imagine pairing Thompson with Alas in the backcourt. Now that’s a guard combo that could push the Road Warriors up the team rankings in a year or two.

Ceiling: Chris Lutz

Floor: Chris Timberlake

For the seventh pick, the Meralco Bolts select >>

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7. Meralco selects Baser AmerPhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

Finally, Meralco gets its point guard of the future.

Amer is a solid, true point guard who loves to set up his teammates. He will also get instant on the job training, as Jimmy Alapag will most likely be unable to carry the burden of heavy minutes.

The biggest question mark for Amer right now is his injured right shoulder and whether he can develop a reliable outside shot.

Ceiling: Alex Cabagnot

Floor: Simon Atkins

For the eighth pick, the Star Hotshots select >>

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8. Star selects Art Dela CruzPhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

With a lineup as complete as Star’s, they’ll most likely go with the best available talent, which is Art Dela Cruz.

The problem with Dela Cruz is that he doesn’t have a true position. Is he a 3 or a 4 at the pro level? Will he have the speed to guard wings or the heft the defend big 4s? Yes, he’s smart, but high basketball IQ can only take you so far. Under the right coach and defensive system, his flaws will be hidden and he can shine on the offensive end. The good news is that Star has the right pieces in place where Art can learn and find a role. It may not just happen right away.

Ceiling: Joe Devance

Floor: Nico Salva

For the ninth pick, the Blackwater Elite selects >>

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9. Blackwater selects Maverick AhanmisiPhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

First of all, this should have been Rosario or Tautuaa, but after the laughter of a trade with TNT, they’ve ended up with the 9th pick. What makes this more painful is that they’ve picking 9th in a draft where the top 8 picks are near can’t miss prospects. After that, it gets that much tougher.

Blackwater has already come out and said that they would select Ahanmisi if he’s available. He also happens to be the player who will most likely have an established role in the PBA – that of being a solid wing defender who can still improve his offense.

Ceiling: Ryan Reyes

Floor: Aaron Aban

For the tenth pick, the NLEX Road Warriors select >>

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10. NLEX selects Josan NimesPhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

Whether or not this pick ends up with NLEX or Mahindra, Nimes is one of the more intriguing prospects in the draft. He’s one of the best offensive players in the NCAA, ranking in the top 5 in both points and assists per game. There are questions though about his health (he’s been injured for the past two years) and his defense.

Rumblings from the Mahendra coaching staff is that they love Nimes ability to create, which is something they sorely lacked last season at the wing positions.

As for NLEX, imagine adding him to a backcourt that may already include Alas, Thompson, and Baloria. Talk about having an NCAA All-star team!!!

Ceiling: Cyrus Baguio

Floor: Alex Nuyles

For the eleventh pick, the Alaska Aces select >>

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11. Alaska selects Glenn KhobuntinPhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

Alaska is pretty set at every position and after making the Finals twice last season, they probably aren’t making to make any big moves. With that in mind, they’ll probably take the player who best FITS their team. There are still a number of bigger names on the board – Roi Sumang, Wetherell come to mind – but Khobuntin seems to be the most Alaska-like player on the team.

For one, he played under Coach Eric Altamirano in college, whose system is similar to that of Alaska in that they preach defense first. Khobuntin’s hard working attitude will also endear him to the Alaska coaching staff.

The biggest reason why they WOULDN’T pick him is that they already have Rome Dela Rosa at that position. After his solid play last conference, he looks like a keeper. Nevertheless, it’s never a bad thing to have too much of a good thing right?

Ceiling: Jireh Ibanes

Floor: Bitoy Omolon

For the twelfth pick, the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters select >>

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12. Rain or Shine selects Kevin RacalPhilippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times 2015 PBA Mock Draft

The Painters’ second pick of the draft. Similar to Alaska, they don’t have glaring holes in their roster (except having a dominant center, who aside from Ginebra and San Miguel Beer, who does?). They will also probably select a player who best embodies their team and I have a feeling that player may be Kevin Racal.

For one, he’s a big wing with a three point shot, so he’ll fit right in. Second, he played for Coach Caloy Garcia at Letran so he’s probably been scouted really well.

But with so many players on their lineup, we don’t know if they’ll actually be able to keep this pick.

Ceiling: Mac Baracael

Floor: Harold Arboleda

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