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Tiebreaker Times

UST shuttlers beat back struggling FEU

Men’s Singles 1: Paul John Pantig(UST) def. Rafael Nicholas Dionisio Jr.(FEU) 


UST’s Pantig was unstoppable in the first singles match for UST and FEU, winning both sets by 21-10 and give the school from Espana their first match point in only twenty minutes.

Aggregate score: Pantig-42, Dionisio Jr.- 20

Total match time: 20 mins.


Men’s Singles 2: Josh Mark Maquelabit(FEU) def. Jesschard Piol(UST)


The second singles match opened to a fiery start, as a tight affair between FEU’s Maquelabit and UST’s Piol would result to a 20-20 deadlock. Though Piol was first to break the deadlock, it was Maquelabit who would steal the momentum, taking four straight points and win the first set, 24-21. The second set was a different story, however, as Maquelabit quickly stacked on the points, taking an 18-5 lead early on. Though Piol would come alive to rake in the points, Maquelabit would hold on for the 21-13 set victory and even the match score for FEU and UST.

Aggregate score: Maquelabit-45, Piol- 33

Total match time: 30 mins.


Men’s Doubles 1: Paul John Pantig and John Edgard Reyes(UST) def. Joel Christian Mendez and Rafael Nicholas Dionisio(FEU)


The UST duo would rely on a five point rally by Pantig in the first set, to take a quick 21-13 win for the game point. The FEU duo would fire back in the second set, finding a way to answer back to their opponent’s swats. However, Pantig would give UST a 13-9 edge after a few minutes in the set. The little boost would come in handy, as Pantig and Reyes would close out the set 21-17 and put UST back up 2-1 in matches for the day, in only twenty-five minutes.

Aggregate score: Pantig and Reyes- 42, Mendez and Dionisio jr.- 30

Total match time: 25 mins.


Men’s Doubles 2: Patrique Francisco Magnaye and Matt Gerald Tungul(UST) def. Joshua John Bernardo and Josh Mark Maquelabit(FEU)

UST 3- 1 FEU

The UST duo of Magnaye and Tungul would dominate the first set, 21-9, after an eight point rally en route to the 21st point by Magnaye. The second set would prove a much more thrilling affair, with FEU’s Bernardo and Maquelabit forcing a 20-20 deadlock. Another trade of baskets would lead to a 21-21 draw, but Tungul would manage to win two straight points to win the match and secure the day’s point for UST.

Aggregate score: Magnaye and Tungul- 44, Bernardo and Maquelabit- 30

Total match time: 25 mins


Men’s Singles 3: Alacaed Lee Sabanal(UST) def. Vince Vaslee Lagnada(FEU)


Sabanal’s UST would fight back a comeback from opponent Lagnada to take the first game, 21-16, in the opening set. Sabanal was off to another strong start in the second set, and this time, Lagnada had no time to mount a comeback, as Sabanal would escape with the 21-8 victory to put the icing on the cake for UST.

Aggregate score: Sabanal- 42, Lagnada- 24

Total match time: 25 mins.


Total games won: UST-8, FEU-2 

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