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UAAP Season 78 Basketball, Cheerdance Competition Schedule



Finally, the wait is over as we could now officially release the men’s and women’s basketball schedule.

The first round schedule for the men’s and women’s basketball tournament, and as well as the cheerdance competition, is as follows:


Sat, Sept 5Araneta ColiseumMen’s12:00nnOpeningCeremony
Sat, Sept 5Araneta ColiseumMen’s2:00pmUEUP
Sat, Sept 5Araneta ColiseumMen’s4:00pmUSTAdU
Sun, Sept 6Blue Eagle GymWomen’s9:00amAdUUP
Sun, Sept 6Blue Eagle GymWomen’s11:00amADMUUE
Sun, Sept 6Blue Eagle GymWomen’s1:00pmNUDLSU
Sun, Sept 6Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s2:00pmDLSUNU
Sun, Sept 6Blue Eagle GymWomen’s3:00pmUSTFEU
Sun, Sept 6Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s4:00pmFEUADMU
Wed, Sept 9Araneta ColiseumMen’s2:00pmDLSUUP
Wed, Sept 9Areneta ColiseumMen’s4:00pmUSTFEU
Sat, Sept 12Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s2:00pmAdUADMU
Sat, Sept 12Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s4:00pmUENU
Sun, Sept 13Blue Eagle GymWomen’s9:00amUSTUP
Sun, Sept 13Blue Eagle GymWomen’s11:00amAdUFEU
Sun, Sept 13Blue Eagle GymWomen’s1:00pmUEDLSU
Sun, Sept 13Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s2:00pmUSTUP
Sun, Sept 13Blue Eagle GymWomen’s3:00pmADMUNU
Sun, Sept 13Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s4:00pmDLSUFEU
Wed, Sept 16Araneta ColiseumMen’s2:00pmUEAdU
Wed, Sept 16Araneta ColiseumMen’s4:00pmNUADMU
Thurs, Sept 17Blue Eagle GymWomen’s9:00amUPADMU
Thurs, Sept 17Blue Eagle GymWomen’s11:00amDLSUFEU
Thurs, Sept 17Blue Eagle GymWomen’s1:00pmNUUST
Thurs, Sept 17Blue Eagle GymWomen’s3:00pmUEAdU
Sat, Sept 19Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s2:00pmADMUUE
Sat, Sept 19Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s4:00pmNUUST
Sun, Sept 20Blue Eagle GymWomen’s9:00amDLSUUP
Sun, Sept 20Blue Eagle GymWomen’s11:00amUSTADMU
Sun, Sept 20Blue Eagle GymWomen’s1:00pmFEUUE
Sun, Sept 20Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s2:00pmAdUDLSU
Sun, Sept 20Blue Eagle GymWomen’s3:00pmNUAdU
Sun, Sept 20Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s4:00pmUPFEU
Wed, Sept 23Blue Eagle GymWomen’s9:00amUENU
Wed, Sept 23Blue Eagle GymWomen’s11:00amUPFEU
Wed, Sept 23Blue Eagle GymWomen’s1:00pmADMUDLSU
Wed, Sept 23Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s2:00pmFEUUE
Wed, Sept 23Blue Eagle GymWomen’s3:00pmAdUUST
Wed, Sept 23Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s4:00pmNUAdU
Sat, Sept 26Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s2:00pmUPNU
Sat, Sept 26Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s4:00pmADMUUST
Sun, Sept 27Blue Eagle GymWomen’s9:00amNUUP
Sun, Sept 27Blue Eagle GymWomen’s11:00amUSTUE
Sun, Sept 27Blue Eagle GymWomen’s1:00pmAdUDLSU
Sun, Sept 27Araneta ColiseumMen’s2:00pmDLSUUE
Sun, Sept 27Blue Eagle GymWomen’s3:00pmFEUADMU
Sun, Sept 27Araneta ColiseumMen’s4:00pmAdUFEU
Wed, Sept 30Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s2:00pmADMUUP
Wed, Sept 30Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s4:00pmUSTDLSU
Sat, Oct 3Mall of Asia ArenaCo-Ed2:00pmCheerdanceCompetition
Sun, Oct 4Blue Eagle GymWomen’s9:00amUPUE
Sun, Oct 4Blue Eagle GymWomen’s11:00amDLSUUST
Sun, Oct 4Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s11:00amUPAdU
Sun, Oct 4Blue Eagle GymWomen’s1:00pmADMUAdU
Sun, Oct 4Blue Eagle GymWomen’s3:00pmFEUNU
Sun, Oct 4Mall of Asia ArenaMen’s4:00pmDLSUADMU
Wed, Oct 7Araneta ColiseumMen’s2:00pmUEUST
Wed, Oct 7Araneta ColiseumMen’s4:00pmNUFEU


Will National University continue its supremacy in the men’s and women’s basketball tournament? Moreover, can the two-time defending cheerdance competition, the NU Pep Squad, make it a three-peat? Or will there be new champions in the UAAP basketball tournament and cheerdance competition? Sound-off in the comments section

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