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Thrown-out Henry Walker says he just had enough of officiating



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Photo from PBA Images

It’s given that Henry Walker will always display his competitive spirit whenever he goes inside the four lines of the basketball court. But on Wednesday evening, on a rare occasion, the former NBA cager lost his cool.

Walker could not contain his disgust anymore towards what he feels were inconsistent calling by the referees, so much so that he was all over one of the officials’ faces late in the third quarter of their match versus Magnolia Hotshots.

The 6-foot-5 forward though got whistled for a technical foul for disrespectfully addressing an official. That unfortunately happened to be his second technical foul in the game, meaning that he had to leave the match for good.

Walker left with 1:34 to go in the third chapter, forcing the Elite to play all-Filipino since then. Blackwater eventually lost, 99-133, thus delaying what could have been a trip straight to the 2018 Governors’ Cup quarterfinals.

“I just had enough of it,” said a seething Walker after the match at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City. “I’ve been through eight games this conference getting beat on. Just blatant no-calls going to the hole.

“I can’t give anybody respect if they don’t wanna give me respect.”

Walker though acknowledged the fact that one of the officials approached him and the team and said that it was a missed call on their part. But he later added that he just can’t see the use of it, for damage had been done already.

“She tells us later, ‘Oh! I missed it.’ It’s too late. But you don’t miss anything else. That’s my only thing,” said the veteran PBA reinforcement. “It’s the PBA. It’s supposed to be a physical basketball league. Am I lying? Okay. So let’s play.

“Don’t let one side be physical and I can’t be physical. ‘Cause that’s what happens.”

The former New York Knick though vowed that he’ll keep his emotions in check again.

“I’m only human, man. I mean, I’ve done a good job of keeping it together, but today, it’s just frustrating,” said the 31-year-old from West Virginia.

They won’t get under my skin again.”