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Rapid Riposte: UAAP Women’s fencing Recap Day 2

Quick parries, rapid riposte, and lightning remise. These were the sights seen as the women’s épée and sabre finally took center stage during the second day of the UAAP Fencing Championship. Hungry to display their own prowess with these two blades, the lady fencers of the six universities had enough reason to give it their best.

Facing off: individual Epee

The day started seemingly the same as the first day with an impressive display of skills and talents with the only difference that it was now the women that were showing off as the epee category started in full swing. Displaying a preference on counterattacks rather, than brute force it was clear that all team’s had their own strategy when it came to playing. Sadly for the majority, however, it seemed that the powerhouse of UE and UST were the only ones with a strategy that survived first contact as they yet again breezed through their opponents with the exception of their own clash and clashes against ADMU’s Elise Chanco who showed great composure and to a point spooked both UE’s Keren Pangilinan and UST’s Rey Gisela as both ended with a 4-5 loss for ADMU.

Regardless of the spook caused by several universities, fencing powerhouses UST and UE slowly carved their way to the finals of the epee category as a joint effort by UE’s Kea Gonzales and Keren Pangilinan lead to the fall of DLSU’s Mikaela Castillo, who defeated UST’s Gisela in the quarterfinals, UP’s Donnable Gaoat and Alexcandra Obispo.

UST’s Hanniel Abella, however also cleared her way through the quarter and semifinals as she defeats ADMU’s Andrea Ignacio and denies UE the chance for a double finals appearance as she also defeats Kea Gonzales to face UE’s Keren in the finals for a UST-UE finals showdown.

UE-Keren-Pangilinan-Gold-copy Rapid Riposte: UAAP Women's fencing Recap Day 2  - philippine sports news

Sadly luck did not seem to be in UST’s favor as UE’s Keren Pangilinan defeats UST’s Hanniel Abella 15-13 to take home yet another gold for UE while her opponent takes the silver. UE’s medal haul from the epee, however did not end with Keren as UE’s Gonzales also takes home the bronze along with DLSU’s Mikaela Castillo who took home the DLSU Lady Fencer’s first medal.

Similar outcome: individual Sabre

The women’s sabre started and ended in a similar fashion as the epee as both UST and UE once again dominated the piste. Defeating everyone that came their way both UE and UST showed extreme dominance not only during the round robin but also all the way to the quarterfinals wherein they defeated and denied the hard work of DLSU’s May Montenegro and FEU’s Shaira Nicole Dolly Curbida. A surprise from UP, however, hit UE hard as Irene Balatbat stung and defeated UE’s Justine Tinio denying her a semifinals appearance and a medal. Balatbat victory however was short lived as UST’ Kimberly Camahalan ends her run 15-13 while on the other side UE’s Nicole Cortey defeat UST’s Maylene Pailma a ticket to the finals.

UE-Nicole-Cortey-gold-copy-1024x736 Rapid Riposte: UAAP Women's fencing Recap Day 2  - philippine sports news

UE’s Cortey eventually mirrors the result of the epee division’s ending as she also defeats her UST opponent forcing UST’s Camahalan to take home silver while she adds another gold to UE’s growing stack. UST, however also claimed a bronze through the hard work of Pailma along with UP’s Irene Balatbat who took home her team’s first bronze.

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