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Palou responds to Suzara’s claims



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After denying his involvement with the Premier Volleyball League’s trouble with securing International Transfer Certificates for the their foreign imports yesterday, Philippine Superliga President Ramon “Tats” Suzara has again been implicated by PVL President Ricky Palou, but this time with more solid evidence.

Talking to Tiebreaker Times earlier today, Palou showed a detailed copy of the International Volleyball Federation’s (FIVB) flow chart for securing the ITCs.

Contrary to prior statements by Larong Volleyball ng Pilipinas Inc. President Joey Romasanta and Suzara, the chart shows that the procress should be initiated by the club teams, not the organizers. It could also be started by the local federation, in this case the LVPI, but Palou insists that he has barely received any help from the organization except from Acting President Peter Cayco.

In addition, none of the club teams have access to their own FIVB transfer accounts. According to Palou, the account names and passwords are held by Randy Tandoc, who works for Legasea the group that provides VIS services for the Philippine Superliga.

“Nowhere in the flow chart and the procedure of acquiring ITCs does it say it has to involve the organizer,” Palou said.

“It is the receiving club’s NSA, which is LVPI, and NSA of origin of the player. Nothing in the eight step flow chart and procedure does it say that the organizer is ivnoved in acquiring ITCs.”

He also pointed at the ITV window Suzara mentioned in his statement yesterday. According to the FIVB transfer manual, the window of October 26 to May 15 is used in consideration of those who play for their National Team. If the player applying for ITC does not play in the National Team, an extension and exemption can be given.

“Yes they have a window but the FIVB allows the extension of this provided the players are not the national players of their country. In the past, they’ve given us extension and we thank them for that.

“‘Yung sinasabi nila hanggang dito lang ang window hindi totoo yun. For example Puerto Rico has a tournament with imports and their tournament will end at the end of June so pwede talaga iextend. The real problem is who holds the user name and password to be able to initiate the processing of ITC,” Palou, the president of Sportsvision, furthered.

“I talked to Peter Cayco today and he said he does not have the username and password. And we’ve gone through the data base of the website of FIVB and the one who holds the ITC user name and password is Randy Tandoc, who is an employee of PSL.

“He works for CSB and at the same time he works for PSL therefore the user name and password is held by Tats Suzara which is very irregular because the rules of the FIVB say the user name and pasword must be in the possession of the national federation, which in this case is the LVPI,” Palou alledged.

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Palou ended by saying that he is still in talks with Peter Cayco who is still trying his best to secure ITCs for the PVL by 11 pm tonight. If there are no clearance still, the PVL will be forced to go All-Fillpino.

Miguel Luis Flores fell face first into sports writing in high sch9l and has never gotten up. He reluctantly stumbled into the volleyball beat when he started with Tiebreaker Times three years ago. Now, he has waded through everything volleyball - from its icky politics to the post-modern art that is Jia Morado's setting.