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NCAA legends return for Season 95 All-Star Games



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For the third straight year, the NCAA All-Star Game will be divided into Saints (San Beda, Letran, Saint Benilde, San Sebastian, and Perpetual Help) versus Heroes (Arellano, EAC, JRU, Lyceum, and Mapua).

But this time around, there is a twist. Some legends of each school will join in the fray.

Jio Jalalon (Arellano), Rey Nambatac (Letran), Michael Calisaan (San Sebastian), Yousef Taha (Mapua), Paolo Taha (Benilde), Sidney Onwubere (EAC), Philip Paniamogan (JRU), Ryusei Koga (San Beda), Justin Alano (Perpetual), and Kevin Lacap (Lyceum) will be part of the game that will take place at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, November 26 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

The rest of the Saints will be composed of Letran’s Jerrick Balanza and Bonbon Batiller; Saint Benilde’s Justin Gutang and Edward Dixon; San Beda’s Clint Doliguez and AC Soberano; San Sebastian’s RK Ilagan and Alvin Capobres; and Perpetual’s Edgar Charcos and Ben Adamos.

Joining the Heroes, on the other hand, are Lyceum’s Jaycee and Jayvee Marcelino; Arellano’s Kent Salado and Justin Arana; EAC’s Jethro Mendoza and JP Maguliano; Mapua’s Laurenz Victoria and Justin Bunag; and JRU’s Ry Dela Rosa and Agem Miranda.

The Saints own a 2-0 record versus the Heroes.

Besides this, the league will hold its first-ever volleyball all-star game at 2:00 pm.

Just like the basketball game, the teams will be divided into Heroes versus Saints.

Jovy Prado (Arellano), Grethcel Soltones (San Sebastian), Ces Molina (San Beda), Shola Alvarez (JRU), Rachel Austero (Benilde), Cindy Imbo (Perpetual), Arianne Agustia (EAC), Cherilyn Sindayen (Lyceum), Miracle Mendoza (Letran), and Kat Racelis (Mapua) all return for their schools.

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The Heroes will have Arellano’s Regine Arocha and Sarah Verutiao; JRU’s Dolly Versoza and Mary May Ruiz; EAC’s Cathrine Almazan and Kristine Magallanes; Lyceum’s Bien Juanillo and Alexa Rafael; and Mapua’s Lorraine Barias and Jonina Fernandez.

Challenging them are Benilde’s Klarissa Abriam and Jewel Lai; Letran’s Julienne Castro and Chamberlaine Cunada; San Beda’s Cesca Racraquin and Kim Manzano; San Sebastian’s Jewelle Bermillo and Kamille Amaka; and Perpetual’s Jenny Gaviola and Shyra Umandal.