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KarlTzy clutch as BREN Esports hailed as MLBB SEA champions



Tiebreaker Times KarlTzy clutch as BREN Esports hailed as MLBB SEA champions ESports Mobile Legends News  Vec Fantasy Main Pheww Lusty KarlTzy Flaptzy 2020 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Razer Southeast Asia Invitational

KarlTzy put up a clutch performance, lifting the Philippines over a gutsy Vietnam side, 3-2, to become the first-ever Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Razer Southeast Asia-Invitational champion, Sunday evening.

After falling behind in the early part of the title-clinching Game Five, BREN Esports was able to rally behind the 15-year-old prodigy to completely tip the scales to their side.

With the 11-minute mark of the game approaching, BREN Esports tried to invade Vec Fantasy Main’s purple buff, positioning themselves around the serpent pit.

The Vietnamese were able to secure the buff and take down Pheww (Valir) and Lusty (Atlas), but KarlTzy (Claude) made a last-minute entrance and popped his blazing duet to force Vec Fantasy Main to retreat.

With no one there to contest, FlapTzy (Masha) and KarlTzy took down the lord easily, putting Vietnam in a defensive stance.

KarlTzy then sealed the deal up top with a maniac, killing Truong Trinh (Popol and Kupa), T-Max (Esmeralda), Broly (Ling), and Hide (Luo Yi), respectively.

“Karl took reigns of the team’s rotation to maximize his hero’s farming potential to overpower the map during the mid-game transition. I knew Karl could handle such pressure purely because of his wide tournament experience,” explained BREN Esports coach Francis Glindro.

“Since there was virtually no economic advantage from Vietnam, Karl knew he had to capitalize on Vietnam’s errors. And that’s what he did on the latter part of the game, ultimately clinching the victory with a Maniac streak,” he added.

KarlTzy registered 11 kills, an assist — with only one death — to lead the Philippines’ victory.

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FlapTzy added two kills and four assists, along with four deaths. Meanwhile, the supporting cast of Ribo (Gatotkaca), Pheww, and Lusty, combined for a total tally of 19 assists in the game.

On the other hand, Broly’s seven kills and four assists went down the drain for Vietnam, who had the chance to snatch the title in the fourth game.