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Jaypee, Sunsparks demolish Sterling Global, keep hold of fourth in MPL-PH



Tiebreaker Times Jaypee, Sunsparks demolish Sterling Global, keep hold of fourth in MPL-PH ESports Mobile Legends News  Toshi Sunsparks Suha-Execration Punishers Sterling Global Dragons Rafflesia Killuash Kielvj Jaypee Hadjizy Greed Geek Fam PH Ch4knu BSB BREN Esports 2020 MPL-PH Season

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League Philippines defending champion Sunsparks strengthened its hold of the fourth spot, handing the Sterling Global Dragons-Omega a rough 2-0 sweep in the week five of MPL-PH Season 5, Sunday.

After a dominant performance in the first game of the series, the reigning kings of MPL-PH figured in a tight tussle against the Dragons in the second match.

Sunsparks, however, was able to pull away after a failed ambush from the side of SGD at the bottom lane swung the tides in their favor.

Hadjizy (Helcurt) instigated a clash in the 15:27-mark of the game, pouring all his skills to take out Jaypee (Ling). However, SGD failed to complete the kill as Jaypee managed to escape, eventually picking off Heath (Jawhead) in the process to punish the Dragons’ sloppy execution.

With the absence of SGD’s lead playmaker, Jaypee, along with Killuash (Thamuz) and Kielvj (Chou) capitalized on the situation and took down the lord.

The Dragons tried to put up one last defensive stance to save the game, but Jaypee took down SGD’s core heroes Hadjizy and Toshi (Popol and Kupa), respectively, which paved the way for the lord and rest of the rest of his squad to destroy the main turret at the 16:57-mark.

Jaypee finished with a statline of eight kills, three assists, and three deaths with a total net worth of 12,557. Meanwhile, Killuash was named match MVP with two kills, eight assists, and two deaths.

Kielvj had three kills and three assists, while the supporting cast of Greed (Pharsa) and Rafflesia (Khufra) had 21 assists combined for Sunsparks, who has a 5-2 win-loss record along with eight points.

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Hadjizy led SGD with five kills, six assists, and four deaths. Kenji (Xborg) and Haze (Grock) chipped in seven and six assists, respectively.

The Dragons went up for a tie with Blacklist International in fifth place with a 4-3 record and two points each.

In other games, BREN Esports reclaimed the top spot in the standings after a dominant 2-0 win over BSB while Ch4knu powered Execration’s 2-0 drubbing of Geek Fam PH.

BREN chalked up its seventh victory in eight games, gathering 10 points in total. Meanwhile, Execration tightened its grip on the third seed with a 6-2 standing but laced with only two points.

On the other hand, BSB has a 2-6 slate (-4) in seventh place, while Geek Fam PH fell to a 1-7 standing (-11) at ninth.