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UP gives up only 1 set, defeats season-host UE



With majority of the crowd still buzzing about the UP MBT’s first win in two years the day before, the University of the Philippines badminton team gave the crowd another thing to cheer about with a dominant 5 match sweep of UAAP Season 77 host UE Red Warriors at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum Badminton Hall.


Men’s Singles Match 1: Wilson Joseph Lopez (UP) def. Benjamin Silva (UE), 2:0

UP 1 – 0 UE


In the first set of the opening match of this series, Benjamin Silva would take a 12-8 lead over his foe from Diliman. Wilson Lopez was not able to properly return majority of his opponent’s hits early on in the contest. Able to get his footing mid-set, Lopez would limit his opponent to just a single point. Lopez won the first set 21-13. The 2nd set would be a different story however, as there would be no downtime for the U19 ranked Wilson Lopez as he coasted through his opponent.  Lopez would lead by as much as 7 points in the middle of the second set and would never look back as Wilson Lopez won the set 21 to 13 over Benjamin Silva.


Aggregate Score: Lopez 42 – Silva 26

Total Match Time: 29 mins.


Men’s Singles Match 2: Jon Jelson Masongsong (UP) def. Lorenz Gatpolintan (UE), 2:0

UP 2 – 0 UE


Jon Jelson Masongsong, ranked #10 in the boys’ division, made quick work of his outclassed opponent Lorenz Gatpolintan in just 25 minutes of action. Masongsong overmatched his opponent in the first set limiting his opponent to just 10 points. Majority of those 10 points were service errors from Masongsong. The set was out-of-hand for Gatpolintan with Masongsong leading 20-9 before the set ended at 21-10. The second set saw a suddenly-rejuvenated Gatpolintan take the lead for the majority of the set. During the 11-point break, with Gatpolintan leading, Coach Go from the UP-side reminded Masongsong to not coast through his opponent. Masongsong would only give up 7 points from there. Masongsong won the set 21-18.


Aggregate Score: Masongsong 42 – Gatpolintan 28

Total Match Time: 25 mins.


Men’s Double Match 1: Lorenzo Miguel Leonardo and Ethan Joshua Malelang (UP) def. John Kenneth Cruz and Arman Joseph Manlalangit (UE), 2:0

UP 3 – 0 UE (UP wins)

 Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times UP gives up only 1 set, defeats season-host UE News

Both Leonardo and Malelang are highly-ranked in the U19 doubles’ division. It was clearly shown in this match why. The UP duo displayed good teamwork, highlighted by an excellent decoy sequence in the second set. The first set was a route with Leonardo and Malelang making short work of their opponents, winning the set 21 – 10. In the second set, the duo from Diliman would lead 20-13. With their opponents at match point, and after an errand serve by Malelang, Kenneth Cruz and Arman Manlalangit would churn in 6 straight points. The swing of momentum from the red-side would fall short as Ethan Malelang blasted the only point they need to secure the match. The UP shuttlers won the set 21-19.


Aggregate Score: Leonardo (19) and Malelang (23) 42 – Cruz (11) and Manlalangit (18)

Total Match Time: 28 mins.


Men’s Double Match 2: Carl Kristian Clemente and Joaquin Raphael Deato (UP) def. Jose Luiz Gomez and Ramon Lorenzo Guerrero (UE), 2:0

UP 4 – 0 UE (UP wins)

 Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times UP gives up only 1 set, defeats season-host UE News

With the series locked in their favor, Clemente and Deato never let their guard down to continue the set-streak of the Fighting Maroons with a sweep of their foes from the University of the East. The tandem from Diliman started slow but took a three point lead against the Red Warriors during the 11th point break.  The lead would jump to 17 to 9 after it, highlighted by two smashes by Clemente. The UE-squad would lose the first set 21 to 13. The second set would see the team from UP rally to 11 to 4 lead. However, Ramon Guerrero kept the game close after the set-break. Jose Gomez would cut the UP lead down to 2 with the score at 16 to 18. Deato would shut the run down and keep the perfect set streak of UP alive, 21-17.


Aggregate Score: Clemente (23) and Deato (19) 42 – Gomez (15) and Guerrero (15) 30

Total Match Time: 31 mins.


Men’s Singles Match 3: Lorenzo Leonardo (UP) def. Arman Manlalangit (UE), 2:1

UP 5 – 0 UE (UP wins)

 Philippine Sports News - Tiebreaker Times UP gives up only 1 set, defeats season-host UE News

Rank #4 in the U19 division Lorenzo Leonardo defeated Arman Manlalangit in 3 sets. The young Leonardo never relinquished the lead in the first set. Manlalangit only managed to go point-for-point with Leonardo, not taking advantage of errors set by his highly ranked opponent. Lorenzo Leonardo won the first set 21 to 15. The second set would see Lorenzo Leonardo slow on his feet and his returns during the 2nd set looked flat. Manlalangit seeing this grabbed the opportunity to steal a set from the Fighting Maroons. Arman Manlalangit would tie the set at 1 apiece. Looking to score an upset, Manlalangit, during the final set, would grab a 5-1 lead early on. Lorenzo Leonardo, not wanting to be the only guy who loses on his side, played with fire after falling 6-3. He would then answer all returns of his opponent with hard smashes giving him the win, 21-15.


Aggregate Score: Leonardo 61 – Manlalangit 51

Total Match Time: 66 mins.


Aggregate Sets Won: UP 10 – 1 UE