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#FREEME Gaming stuns Amara, lords Liga Adarna Valorant



Tiebreaker Times #FREEME Gaming stuns Amara, lords Liga Adarna Valorant ESports News Valorant  yuu Reika Polyphia msLuftmensch Liga Adarna Chessy Ayaaa Anbu Babes Amara Esports Alluka #FREEME Gaming

With their championship dreams hanging by a thread, #FREEME Gaming managed to wield the upset axe on Amara Esports, 2-1, to claim the Liga Adarna: Laban Para sa Korona Valorant championship, co-presented by SMART on Saturday evening.

#FREEME Gaming had a dominant Game Three, outscoring Amari Esports, 13-2, to clinch the championship despite dropping the series opener.

Ayaaa (Omen) scored the championship-winning kill on yuu (Breach) in the 15th round. She tallied 13 kills, six deaths, and two assists in the championship-sealing victory.

Alluka top-scored #FREEME with 19 kills, 11 deaths, and two assists with an average combat score of 351 points. She also had four first blood kills and one defuse. Polyphia (Killjoy), who played the hero in Game Two, ranked second in the KDA department with 17 kills, four deaths, and six assists.

On the other hand, Chessy (Sage) led Amara Esports with 12 kills, 13 deaths, and three assists with an average combat score of 244 points along with a 61 econ rating.

Amara Esports came in the finals round with guns blazing with Reika (Omen) taking the game-clinching kill on msLuftmensch’s (Sova), spoiling the latter’s last-ditch to save #FREEME Gaming to seal Game One with a 13-7 victory.

Chessy spearheaded Amara Esports in Game One with 27 kills, 11 deaths, and eight assists, while Reika tallied 18 points, 13 deaths, and four assists.

Looking to turn things around for #FREEME Gaming, polyphia (Killjoy) came alive in Game Two with 20 kills, 12 deaths, and six assists, along with the series-clinching ace. #FreeMe dominated Amari in the second match, 13-4, to force a do-or-die Game Three.

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Anbu Babes, who lost to Amari Esports in the semifinal round, finished third in the competition.

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