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Former Benilde head coach Macky Cariño returns to Perpetual



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Michael Carino is heading back to where his coaching career began

Cariño, who was let go by the College of St. Benilde Lady Blazers last month, has been tasked to take over the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Altas volleyball program, and serve as mentor of the Lady Altas in the coming NCAA Season 93 women’s volleyball tournament.

“I resigned to assume a bigger role, which is to handle not only the women’s volleyball team but Perpetual Help’s volleyball program as a whole,” said Cariño, who led the Lady Blazers to four consecutive Final Four appearances and a championship in Season 91.

Cariño will succeed Sammy Acaylar, who was promoted to the role of university’s athletic director a year ago.

Acaylar opted to keep his duty as chief tactician of the Altas.

“Perpetual Help already has a strong volleyball program and I’m here to just continue it and hopefully make some improvements,” added Cariño.

Acaylar — who was responsible for the bulk of the 10 men’s, nine juniors, and three women’s titles — said he is optimistic Cariño can handle the job.

“Everybody knows he (Carino) is my protégé and I’m confident he can do the job well, maybe even better,” he said.

Saint Benilde men’s volleyball coach Arnold Laniog will handle the Lady Blazers on the interim basis.

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