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FEU shuttlers rout La Salle in Women’s Badminton Opener



After splitting the first four matches, a third set victory by Hannah Tudtud in the third women’s single match gave Far Eastern University the opening day victory against the De La Salle Lady Shuttlers. Tudtud quickly erased a first set loss to opponent Camille Gotohio to lift FEU to the win. Tudtud had just come from the second women’s doubles with a win, while Gotohio had just come on to the court for the first time.


Women’s Singles 1: Danica San Ignacio def. Michai Dei Duquilla



San Ignacio ushered in La Salle’s campaign with a 21-13 first victory, after rallying for seven straight points to escape opponent Duquilla, who had been trailing by a mere point at 13-14. Duquilla would however bounce back in the next set, bagging a 21-16 win in the second set. San Ignacio and Duquilla would trade runs in the deciding set, but a tilt in favor of San Ignacio would boost her to a 20-10 lead. Though momentum would tilt in favor of her opponent in the next few minutes, San Ignacio would hold on for her 21st point and the victory, 21-13.


Aggregate score: San Ignacio: 58, Duquilla- 47

Total match time: 43 mins.


Women’s Singles 2: Marie Pomar(DLSU) def. Janine Pelegrino(FEU)



Pelegrino would open the second match with five straight points to open the set, but Pomar would eventually respond with a rally of her own. The two would trade leads for most of the quarter, but a tilt in favor of Pomar would boost her to a 20-19 lead. She would eventually hold on to the decisive 21st point and open her match with a set victory. Pomar would maintain her form in the second set, closing out with a lopsided 21-12 set victory and give FEU their first match victory.


Aggregate score: Pomar- 42, Pelegrino- 31

Total match time: 31 mins


Women’s Doubles 1: Alyssa Leonardo and Aires Amor Montinola(DLSU) def. Michal Dei Duquilla and Mridel Rivera(FEU)



The duo from La Salle, both coming into the stage for the first time, exchanged leads for most of the set with the duo of Rivera and the returning Duquilla. A hotly contested set would end with the La Salle shuttlers closing out the set with a rally to overtake FEU for the 21-18 win. FEU’s shuttlers would bounce back stronger in the second set, but Montinola and Leonardo would go on to put up another strong fight. However, the FEU duo would hold on to the 21-17 set victory. The final set saw the La Salle duo going on an early rally to take a 10-3 lead, and eventually stave off Duquilla and Rivera to hold on to a 21-13 victory and win La Salle’s second match.


Aggregate score: Leonardo and Montinola- 59, Rivera and Duquilla- 54

Total match time: 48 mins


Women’s Doubles 2: Marie Pomar and Hannah Tudtud(FEU) def. Kristelle Dawn Salatan and Danica San Ignacio(DLSU)



Salatan and the returning San Ignacio staved off a late rally by their opponents in the first set to open their match with a 21-17 victory over the FEU duo. FEU’s Pomar and Tudtud would however bounce back strong in the second set, overpowering Salatan and San Ignacio 21-11, to force a third set. Pomar and Tudtud again showed excellent form, capitalizing from a strong early start to close out the set 21-15, and bring the game score to level at 2-2.


Aggregate score: Pomar and Tudtud- 49, San Ignacio and Salatan- 47

Total match time: 47 mins


Women’s Singles 3: Hannah Tudtud(FEU)def. Camille Gotohio(DLSU)



Hannah Tudtud would return for the Morayta-based shuttlers once more, Camille Gotohio would enter the court for La Salle for the first time. Gotohio would outlast Tutud in a hotly-contested first set, 21-19 to help La Salle gain the upper hand. Another tight contest saw Tudtud and Gotohio trade rallies. However, it was Tudtud who would hold out to take the 21-18 set victory and force a final set. Tudtud would come in strong once more, going on an eight-point rally early to lay the foundation for a 21-8 victory, giving FEU the point for the match and the day’s victory.


Aggregate score: Tudtud- 61, Gotohio- 47

Total match time: 36 mins


Aggregate sets won: FEU 8, DLSU 6

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