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FEU ends the 2nd round with a 4-3 record



The Far Eastern University Tamaraws would finish with 4-3, a similar record to their first round tally.

FEU vs AdU (0-1)

The day would open on a heated note for FEU and Adamson. FEU’s Igno and Orotno would take the first two matches, but it was Adamson’s Sincenge and Enal in the doubles match and Rarama in the singles match who would take the next two matches. A narrow 3-2 victory by Adamson’s Tatoss would complete the comeback for the Falcons.

FEU vs UP (1-1)

The second meeting between FEU and tournament-favorite UP would prove to be a shocker. FEU’s Dalut and Igno would manage to bag the first two matches, both after narrow 3-2 victories. In the doubles match, the duo of Villanueva and Caballero would manage to rout opponents Eludo and Cacao, 3-1, to bag the point in only three matches.

FEU vs. NU (2-1)

FEU’s Igno would bow out to NU’s Manuel in the opening match, but the next three matches would all go to the Tamaraws, with Osorno, the duo of Villanueva and Caballero, and Dalut all edging out their opponents to seal the win for FEU and get the Tamaraws’ second round campaign going.

FEU vs ADMU (3-1)

The two first matches would be split between the two squads, with FEU’s Igno taking the first match and Ateneo’s Uy bagging the second. The Tams however would manage to bounce back hard in the next two matches, with the duo of Villanueva and Caballero routing opponents Dayao and Lao 3-0 in the doubles match and Dalut trumping Ateneo’s Rosete, 3-0 in the fourth match, bagging the point for FEU.

FEU vs. UE (4-1)

FEU’s openers Dalut and Igno would bag their assignments, 3-2 and 3-1 to open the matchup against neighbors UE. Warriors Benoya and Vasquez however would score one over the previously unstoppable duo of Caballero and Villanueva, 3-1, to renew UE’s bid. FEU’s Osorno however would manage to prevail over opponent Soriano in the fourth match, 3-1, to bag the point for the Tamaraws.

FEU vs. DLSU (4-2)

The FEU streak however would finally come to a close against tournament-favorite La Salle. FEU’s Cristobal would bow out to La Salle’s Ledesma in three sets in the first match, but Osorno would fire back for the Tams, routing opponent Cristobal 3-2. The next two matches however would both belong with La Salle, with the duo of Garganian and Yu prevailing in the doubles match and Yatco routing FEU’s Igno in the fourth match.

FEU vs UST (4-3)

FEU’s final assignment would prove to be another lopsided outing. The Tamaraws would be routed in the first three matches. Igno and Dalut would end up bowing out in the first two matches to UST’s Abenda and Ablanqu. The duo of Caballero and Villanueva would put up another hardy challenge to revive the FEU, but would lose in five sets to UST’s Pantoja and Bazar.

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