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Beach Volleyball Day 4: UP Fighting Maroons



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11:00: UE spikers take down UP to bag first win

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Hosts University of the East finally bagged their first win of the men’s beach volleyball tournament, routing the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons in two sets, 21-16, and 26-24.

UE’s Carlo Almario and Edward Camposano beat back a fiery rally from UP’s Julius Raymundo and Alfred Valbuena to take the first set, 21-16. The second set would open to a much different note, with both squads relentlessly attacking the other, keeping the points coming in for both teams. The fiery exchange of serves would to a 20-20 deadlock, but with neither squad wanting to back down, the audience would be treated to a 24-24 draw moments later. It was UE however whom momentum would side with, holding on for two more points, to take the set and the win for the day.

UE: 1 – 5
UP: 1 – 5

Aggregate score: UE- 47, UP-40

Total match time: 45 mins. 

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15:32 Ateneo spikers outlast UP in men’s beach volleyball tournament

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Ateneo’s Ysay Marasigan and Karl Baysa survived a grueling fifty-five minute showdown with UP’s Julius Valbuena and Alfred Raymundo, to take the three-set win, 21-17, 16-21, and 16-14.

The two squads from Katipunan would split the first two sets, but a heated third set would see the two schools lighting up to trade swats and spikes. With neither team showing signs of backing down, the two squads would eventually find themselves with a 14-14 draw. The thrilling final minutes would see the Ateneo forcing their opponents to give up two straight points, to take the set 16-14, and end the day with the victory.


ADMU: 3 – 3
UP: 1 – 5

Aggregate score:
ADMU- 53, UP- 52

Total match-time: 52 mins. 


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