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Beach Volleyball Day 4: DLSU Lady Spikers



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14:21 Lady Archers escape Lady Tams in three-set thriller  

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La Salle’s Cyd Demecillo and Kim Fajardo kept their drive for the Season 77 women’s beach volleyball tournament alive after narrowly edging Far Eastern University’s Bernadette Pons and Charm Simborio in three sets, 17-21, 21-19, and 15-12.

The first two sets saw a fiery exchange of both squads, with the duo from La Salle bouncing back in the second set after a rocky start to force the deciding third set. Momentum would remain of La Salle’s side, as Pons and Simborio would fail to find ways to score on the serve. La Salle would hold on to the 15-12 victory for the set.

DLSU:  4 – 1
FEU: 3 – 2

Aggregate score: DLSU- 53, FEU- 52

Total match time: 54 mins. 


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17:43 Lady Archers dominate Lady Warriors; inch closer to semis berth   

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La Salle’s Kim Fajardo and Cyd Demecillo came closer to securing a spot in the women’s beach volleyball  tournament after costing through Francislyn Cais and Krysel Cuevas of the University of the East Lady Warriors in two sets, 21-8 and 21-10.

The duo from host school UE found themselves unable to keep up with the fiery duo of Fajardo and Demecillo, who made sure to turn back every serve and force their opponents to give up error after error. With their defense non-existent and their offense unable to take-off, the Lady Warriors could only watch as the Lady Archers escaped with the win after only twenty-seven minutes.

DLSU: 5 – 1
UE: 1 – 5

Aggregate score: DLSU- 42, UE- 18

Total match time: 27 mins. 



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8:00 La Salle spikers outlast NU in women’s beach volleyball

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The duo of Kim Fajardo and Thea Demecillo of De La Salle University  opened the third day of the UAAP Season 77 women’s beach volleyball tournament with a thrilling three-set finish over the National University Lady Bulldogs, 21-17, 20-22, and 15-9, Wednesday at UE Caloocan.

The spikers from La Salle dominated the first set, but a fired up NU squad featuring Jaja Santiago  and Fatima General would return to the sandcourt, pushing the fiery La Salle to a 20-20 deadlock. The NU duo would rally to force La Salle to give up two straights points to take the set, 22-20, and force a third set. It was La Salle’s turn to dominate once more, as the eagle-eyed La Sallian finished the set with a 15-9 victory, finding the right touches to get their spikes to cut through the taller NU’s blockade.

DLSU: 3-1
NU: 2-2

Aggregate score:

DLSU- 56
NU- 48

Total match time: 43 mins. 


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