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Tiebreaker Times

Ateneo shuttlers blitz past UE for fifth win

Men’s Singles 1: Justin Wilbert Natividad(ADMU) def. Arman Joseph Manlalangit(UE)

ADMU 1- 0 UE

Ateneo’s Natividad finished the first set with a strong 21-8 routing of opponent Manlalangit. Though Manlalangit would enter the court in the second set fired up, finally pulling together to find a way to fire back at his opponent, Natividad would hold on to a 21-19 win, giving Ateneo the 1-0 match lead.

Aggregate score: Natividad- 42, Manlalangit- 27

Total match time: 35 mins.


Men’s Singles 2: Carlo Glen Remo(ADMU) def. Lorenz Allan Gatpolintan(UE)


A fiery first set for Remo would lead to a 21-12 game point for Ateneo. UE’s Gatpolintan would bounce back harder in the second game, but after gaining a 16-11 edge, Remo would score five more points with Gatplintan winning only one, giving Ateneo the match victory and putting the defending champions up, 2-0 for the day.

Aggregate score: Remo-42, Gatpolintan-26

Total match time: 20 mins


Men’s Doubles 1: Patrick Wilfred Natividad and Justin Wilbert Natividad(ADMU) def. Mc Niel Roldan and Benjamin Silva(UE) 


The Natividad brothers of Ateneo opened the set trading swats with UE’s Roldan and Silva. However, the UE would lose steam, as the Natividads would go on to score eight straight points with the UE duo managing to win one, giving the Blue shuttlers the first game. Justin Natividad would prove instrumental in the second set, going on a 10 point rally that put Ateneo ahead 14-3. The brothers would hold on to the 21-8 victory, securing the point for the day for Ateneo.

Aggregate score: Natividad and Natividad- 42, Roldan and Silva- 20

Total match time: 25 mins.


Men’s Doubles 2: Kyle Patrick Gosiaco and Nicole Clarence Filart (ADMU)def. Lorenz Allan Gatpolintan and Michael Bote(UE)


Fresh from the stands, the duo of Gosiaco and Filart took home the first set, 21-12. The UE duo would be unable to bounce to back in the second game, as an early seven point rally by Gosiaco would give Ateneo their fourth match after a 21-12 victory in the set, in only fifteen minutes.

Aggregate score: Gosiaco and Filart- 42, Gatpolintan and Bote- 22

Total match time: 15 mins.


Men’s Singles 3: Patrick Wilfred Natividad(ADMU) def. Ramon Lorenzo Guerrero(UE)


Returning to the court for the second time, Ateneo’s Natividad would beat back a fiery challenge from UE’s Guerrero, playing for the first time that, day. Natividad won the first set, 21-17. Guerrero would put up another fierce challenge as play resumed in the second game, but Natividad would score three straight points from an 18-18 deadlock and deny UE a match point for the day.

Aggregate score: Natividad-42, Guerrero-25

Total match time: 30 mins


Total Matches Won: ADMU-10, UE- 0 

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