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Finding fiery feet for the future



Tiebreaker Times Finding fiery feet for the future Muay Thai News  Muay Thai Association of the Philippines 2016 Muay Thai National Championships

This coming December, Muay Thai fighters all across the nation are set to make a name for themselves in the upcoming Muay Thai National Championships in the Ultra Multipurpose Arena in Pasig City.

Capping off the event on the final day will be a solidarity/friendship night that intends to bring the different affiliates, coaches, and athletes together.

MAP Secretary General Pearl Managuelod stressed the need for a better national team selection process. She wants to give muay thai practitioners, enthusiasts, and athletes a venue wherein they can shine in an open tournament, and still possibly qualify for a national team spot.

Professional Mixed Martial Arts or MMA fighters are even allowed to join the open championships as they looked to identify talents in a separate arena.

Ms. Managuelod repeatedly stressed how important this endeavor was for the character development of the youth and steering them into the right path.

“I am a firm believer in sports being a protective factor to delinquent behavior… we want to provide them with that choice, a more productive and healthier choice,” Managuelod stated.

The MAP event also hopes to break every stereotype and give girls a chance to shine.

Managuelod and the people at MAP believe that the art of muay thai is a sport for all; a combat sport we have so much potential in, especially in the lower weight classes.

Prior to this event, the old selection process would be based on the Philippine National Games and the “Batang Pinoy”. Due to the steady decline in the participation of these tournaments, MAP has decided to give everyone an equal chance to represent the country and take part in its biggest tournament each year.

The four-day event is slated to take place from December 15-18, 2016 and each day will slowly eliminate competitors round per round as only the finalists will be competing on the last day.

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