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2014 University of the East UAAP Men’s Basketball Primer



Déjà vu?

2013 Roster:
Dan Irvin Alberto, Lord Howier Casajeros, Jairold Flores, Pedrito Galanza, Jr., Leo Guion, Ivan Jeric Hernandez, Christopher Joyce Javier, Gino Jumao-as, Charles Mammie, John Michael Noble, Ralf Olivares, Luis Adrian Vinci Pujante, Adrian Santos, Shej Roi Sumang and Jhon Rey Sumido

Season 76 Standing:
6th Place (7-7)

Pomp and Circumstance:
Lord Casajeros, Jai Flores, Leo Guion, JM Noble, Ralf Olivares, Luis Adrian Vinci Pujante, Adrian Santos and John Ray Sumido

Stats Don’t Lie:
Lost 28.93 PPG, 3.76 APG, 16.39 RPG, 2.19 SPG and 1.04 BPG

Returns and Additions:
Edgar Charcos, Zyron Cudal, RR de Leon, Clark Derige, Daryll Guiang, Mark Olayon, Emil Palma, Paul Varilla and the Pumarens

Projected 2014 Depth Chart:

CCharles Mammie (2nd) Ivan Hernandez (4th) RR De Leon (1st)
FChris Javier (4th)Moustapha Arafat (1st)Daryll Guiang (1st)Paul Varilla(1st)
FMark Olayon (1st)Zyron Cudal (1st)Clark Derige (1st)
GGino Jumao-as (2nd)Bong Galanza (3rd)Emil Palma (1st)
GRoi Sumang (4th)Dan Alberto (3rd)Edgar Charcos (1st)

Pre-Season Standing:
Premiere Cup

5th Place Group A (3-3)

The Wire Says:


Remember this?

This shot turned Roi Sumang from a star to a superstar. The University of the East was the must-watch team of the league last season. The only reason we at the Wire could come up with as to why the Red Warriors were not in the Final Four a season ago was sheer bad luck. Remember the time Charles Mammie was suspended for two games against two contending teams, NU and DLSU, in the midst of a Final Four chase? UE had a puncher’s luck of winning both games if Mammie was there. In addition, Roi Sumang was injured at the most critical time during their 2nd round game against Ateneo.

Our early Most Valuable Player Award prediction? Roi Sumang! This might be his final season for the Red Warriors if he declares early for the PBA draft, so this might as well be his last chance to bring the Red Warriors to the Final Four. We’re pretty sure that the Super Sumang from last season will be way, WAY better this year.

The Search for the new Robin
Roi Sumang has lost his Robin in Ralph Olivares (11.42 PPG). Maybe Gino Jumao-as can be his new Robin. Hopefully, Chris Javier also finds his Season 75 self this season. Javier had a hard time playing with a legit center in Mammie and based on his performance during the Premiere Cup, we think he’s adjusted to his role as a stretch 4.

Déjà vu?
Remember the last time a Pumaren was head coach of a Red Warrior team?

It was the last time a UAAP team had a perfect regular season. Season 70 (arguably one of the best seasons of all time), saw the original brother vs. brother storyline with Coach Franz Pumaren from DLSU pitted against Coach Dindo Pumaren in the finals. What transpired in the finals is too depressing to type. A perfect regular season blemished by a finals loss by the Red Warriors.

At present, Coach Dindo is assistant to his older brother Coach Derrick. To replicate a perfect regular season is a long-shot, but can another Pumaren recapture the old glory of the Red Warriors?

Parting Shot
Finally, we get to see Moustapha Arafat in the UAAP. That guy has been a forum- myth (Gameface, Pinoy Exchange) since 2009. Now let’s all sit back and watch if the hype is justified.

P.S. July 30 #BeastsoftheEast

Yvette Din
Tiebreaker Times 2014 University of the East UAAP Men’s Basketball Primer News
Predicted Ranking
TieBreaker Times Staff: 5th

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