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Tab Baldwin happy to learn basketball the Filipino way

Tab Baldwin has a rich experience coaching international basketball, probably learning as much as anyone in the coaching world.

“I’ve never seen players play with so much confidence. The level of confidence of Filipinos is one of the reasons why they made it back to the world stage,” Baldwin told Tiebreaker Times.

It is something Baldwin had not seen before. Not from the New Zealand Tall Blacks squad which he led to a semifinals appearance in the 2002 World Championship.

Not from the Lebanese squad which he coached to the Stankovic Cup title.

Definitely not from any one of his players from the Auckland Stars.

For Baldwin, Filipinos are doing it the unique, entertaining, yet effective way. Traits that endeared them to fans all over the world.

“They really believe in their ability, their toughness. They played the game with great spirit and passion,” he added.

Relatively shorter compared to the best in the world, the Filipinos found ways to the defy their height deficiency.

“I didn’t know Filipinos are relatively shorter, but I’ve seen how they compensate. It’s fun to watch and a lot to learn and I’m very privileged to be a part of the Gilas program,” he said.

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