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Shakey’s V-League/The Spikers’ Turf Open Conference Schedule (as of 2015/3/28)



It’s the summer of volleyball 2015! Sports Vision just released the tentative schedule of games for the 12th Season of the Shakey’s V-League and the 1st Season of the Spikers’ Turf.

Teams competing are as follows: (Watch-out for the SVL/TST Starter Pack here at TieBreaker Times soon)

Cagayan ValleyCavite Patriots Fourbees
Champion InfinityCignal
Instituto Estetico ManilaPhilippine Air Force
Philippine ArmyPLDT Home Ultera
Cagayan ValleyBaguio City
Philippine ArmyPhilippine Coast Guard
Philippine NavyPLDT Home Ultera

Shakey’s V-League/The Spikers’ Turf Open Conference Schedule (as of 2015/3/28)

April 5, 2015 (Sunday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Cagayan vs. Champion – 9:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Fourbees vs. Cagayan – 12:45pm
Coast Guard vs. Navy – 2:45pm
Baguio vs. PLDT Home Ultera – 4:45pm

April 7, 2015 (Tuesday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Cavite vs. PLDT Home Ultera – 9:00am
IEM vs. Army – 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Navy  vs. Meralco – 2:00pm
Army vs. Fourbees – 4:00pm

April 9, 2015 (Thursday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Air Force vs. Cignal – 9:00am
Cagayan vs. Cavite – 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Fourbees  vs. Coast Guard – 2:00pm
Cagayan vs. Baguio – 4:00pm

April 12, 2015 (Sunday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Cignal vs. PLDT Home Ultera – 9:00am
Army vs. Champion – 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Army  vs. PLDT Home Ultera – 2:00pm
Baguio vs. Meralco – 4:00pm

April 14, 2015 (Tuesday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Cavite vs. Army- 9:00am
PLDT Home Ultera vs. Cagayan – 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Navy vs. Army – 2:00pm
PLDT Home Ultera vs. Coast Guard – 4:00pm

April 16, 2015 (Thursday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Cagayan vs. Air Force- 9:00am
Cignal vs. IEM – 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Coast Guard vs. Baguio – 2:00pm
Fourbees vs. Navy – 4:00pm

April 19, 2015 (Sunday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Army vs. Cignal- 9:00am
Air Force vs. Champion- 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Cagayan vs. PLDT Home Ultera – 2:00pm
Army vs. Meralco – 4:00pm

April 21, 2015 (Tuesday)

The Spikers’ Turf
PLDT Home Ultera vs. Army- 9:00am
Champion vs. IEM- 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Baguio vs. Army – 2:00pm
Coast Guard vs. Cagayan – 4:00pm

April 23, 2015 (Thursday)

The Spikers’ Turf
IEM vs. Air Force- 9:00am
Cignal vs. Cavite- 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Fourbees vs. Baguio – 2:00pm
PLDT Home Ultera vs. Navy – 4:00pm

April 26, 2015 (Sunday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Cagayan vs. Army- 9:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Meralco vs. PLDT Home Ultera – 12:45pm
Navy vs. Cagayan – 2:45pm
The Spikers’ Turf
PLDT Home Ultera vs. Champion- 5:00pm

April 28, 2015 (Tuesday)

The Spikers’ Turf
IEM vs. Cavite – 9:00am
Air Force vs. PLDT Home Ultera – 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Cagayan vs. Meralco – 2:00pm
PLDT Home Ultera vs. Fourbees – 4:00pm

April 30, 2015 (Thursday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Cavite vs. Air Force- 9:00am
Cagayan vs. Cignal- 11:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Baguio vs. Navy – 2:00pm
Coast Guard vs. Army- 4:00pm

May 10, 2015 (Sunday)

The Spikers’ Turf
PLDT Home Ultera vs. IEM- 9:00am
Shakey’s V-League
Army vs. Cagayan – 12:45pm
Fourbees vs. Meralco – 2:45pm
The Spikers’ Turf
Champion vs. Cignal- 5:00pm

May 12, 2015 (Thursday)

The Spikers’ Turf
Army vs. Air Force- 9:00am
Cagayan vs. IEM- 2:00pm
Shakey’s V-League
Meralco vs. Coast Guard- 4:00pm
The Spikers’ Turf
Cavite vs. Champion – 6:00pm

*All games will be played at the Filoil Arena, San Juan City

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