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San Juan Knights owner Jinggoy Estrada arrested for alleged ECQ violation



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San Juan Knights team owner Jinggoy Estrada was detained by the police in the municipality for “breaking quarantine protocols”, Sunday afternoon.

Prior to his arrest, the former senator and mayor of San Juan was distributing fish to the residents of Barangay Salapal.

Despite wearing proper personal protective equipment, he did not have a proper quarantine pass and a permit to distribute relief goods, according to reports.

Estrada, though, raised that he did not violate any rules and that the evidence shown to him by the police were old videos of his relief drive. Moreover, he stressed that he was not present during that operation.

“I’ve been doing this for the past two weeks and all of a sudden, when I was distributing bangus to Barangay Salapal, policemen came and invited me over here (police station) for some litigation,” said Estrada during a scrum with the members of the press hours after his detention.

“I was asking them why they arrested me and they said that I was violating certain provisions of the enhanced community quarantine. So anong klaseng violation? They said that the people were not observing social distancing. So ako naman, I was pretty confident that ‘yung mga tao ko, inutusan nila to observe social distancing. The video that was shown to me were not the videos taken earlier. Those were old videos na nagkumpul-kumpul ‘yung mga tao. Wala po ako sa video na ‘yun,” he shared.

“At any rate, unfortunately, this is all about politics.”

Current San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora went to TV Patrol early in the evening to say that relief operations in San Juan should have proper clearance from city hall first.

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