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Chooks-to-Go homecoming – Kobe Paras x Benjie Paras
Chooks-to-Go homecoming – Kobe Paras x Benjie Paras


Kobe Paras shares depression during first US foray

After a three-year return to his home, Kobe Paras is set to chase his hoop dreams once more as he has decided to return to the United States to train.

For the 23-year-old however, that time was more than just a homecoming — it was a much-needed break.

Paras, who left the country at the young age of 13 to study and play abroad, shared the hardships he experienced over there.

“Ever since I was 14 I was pressured by people who don’t even know me to be someone I’m not? People who don’t even know me gave me so many expectations for no reason,” said Paras, who finished his secondary schooling in Cathedral High School, replied in a post by Instagram personality Hoopjunkie.

After high school, Paras jumped from college to college, trying to find a place he was most suited to fit in. He went from University of California, Los Angeles to Creighton to Cal State Northridge.

But every time he made a move, there were criticisms that followed. And he read them all.

“Imagine being depressed at 20 because every time you mess up you think you let your country down.”

Going to University of the Philippines was one of the best things that happened to Paras.

Not only was he able to find a home but through the school, he was able to reconnect with his dad Benjie.

Moreover, UP might have just saved Paras from entering into a spiral.

“Only one reason why I went to UP — it’s because my dad went there and he’s a living legend ‘cause of what he did for that school.

“UP you welcomed me with open arms and I’m grateful for everything!”  his tweet read.

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Now that he is back in the US, Paras is ready to face new challenges.

“Crazy what people say can affect a kid. At the end of the day I’m just a human being like all of y’all,” he said.

“If you got nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.”


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