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Global pummels hapless Team Socceroo



After settling for draws in their past two games, Global FC came out and walloped the struggling Team Socceroo FC, 6-0, in their second meeting in the United Football League (UFL) Division 1 tournament, Wednesday afternoon at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium

Wanting to score as soon as possible, Global FC asserted themselves early against Socceroo. In just the first ten minutes of the game, the People’s Club had already managed to find chances to score but unfortunately for the yellow-shirts, Matthew Hartmann, Misagh Bahadoran, Daisuke Sato, and Hikaru Minegishi’s shots were either off target or gathered by Team Socceroo’s goal keeper Baba Sampana.

Global’s offensive barrage persisted throughout the first half and was finally able to penetrate Team Socceroo’s trying defense three minutes before the half-hour mark after being awarded a corner kick. Jason Dantes de Jong launched the ball towards a well-positioned Masaki Yanagawa, who easily headed the ball into the net and gave his team the lead.

Despite being up by one, Global remained aggressive and with masterful ball movement almost doubled their lead seven minutes after tallying their first goal. Team captain Bahadoran, who was at the top of the box, collected the ball off a timely through pass and blasted it to the direction of the net. Socceroo custodian Sampana, however, was able to touch the ball and force it to graze the crossbar and out. Although the yellow-shirts bombarded the men in blue, they were able to hold the line and force the first half of play to end with just a 1-0 scoreline.

Global, determined to increase their lead, instantly went on the attack once the second half started. Once again, a number of shots were sent towards Team Socceroo’s goal within the first ten minutes of the restart. The People’s Club’s constant attacks from the flanks proved to be effective and allowed them to double their lead at the 55th minute. Bahadoran having enough space, sent a cross towards Minegishi, who weakly volleyed the ball into the net. Having doubled their lead, Global gaffer Leigh Manson subbed in Dennis Villanueva for fellow Azkal Bahadoran at the 61st minute. The substitution almost turned out to be costly as Team Socceroo had a string of chances in the following minutes. Villanueva was called for a foul just two minutes after being called in. The consequent free kick for the blue-shirts, however, went straight to Global’s keeper Patrick Deyto. In the succeeding minute, Team Socceroo’s Michael Reyes was able to free himself from his defenders and launched the ball; only for it to scrape the bar. After the quick string of chances from their opponents, Global was able to record their third goal via counter-attack. Newly acquired winger OJ Clarino was able to dribble the ball to their attacking third and expertly directed a cross towards De Jong inside the box. The former Philippine international quickly discharged the ball into the net for Global’s third point.

With momentum on their side, Global continued to pressure a distraught Team Socceroo and further padded their lead ten minutes before the final whistle when winger Norio Suzuki sent the ball to the goal from yards in. Minegishi and Villanueva completed Global’s 6-0 dominance with two more goals at the 84th and 87th minute respectively.

In the post-game interview coach Manson told the press that he was pleased with his team’s six unanswered goals. “[We had] a number of different goal scorers which is very pleasing. Pleased overall it’s three points and six goals,” he quipped. He also added that his boys looked rusty during the first half and attributed their lack of finesse in finishing might be due to his boys not being used to the early kickoff time.

Leigh Manson and his boys will test their mettle next against a well-rested Manila Jeepney FC on Saturday, July 18. Team Socceroo, on the other hand will try to end their losing streak against Pachanga-Diliman FC on the following day.

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