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FEU jumps to 3rd place in win over AdU in women’s action



The quartet of Michai Dei Duquilla, Thea Marie Pomar, Hannah Tudtud and Maridel Rivera scored an impressive 10-game, 5-game sweep over the Adamson Lady Falcons to gain solo 3rd place in the Women’s Badminton Tournament of the UAAP.

Women’s Singles Match 1: Michal Dei Duquilla (FEU) def. Christine Garin (AdU); 2:0

FEU 1 – 0 AdU

Michai Dei Duquilla dominated Christine Garin in two games to give the first match to the FEU Lady Tamaraws. In the first game, Duquilla would start the game with a 10-4 lead over Garin. Garin would then tie the game at 15-all after a 5-point rally. Duquilla would then respond with a 7-0 run to seal the 1st game 21-15. The 2nd set would see the lady shuttler from San Marcelino take a 6-3 lead over Duquilla. Duquilla would tie the game at 8, one of 3 ties in the contest. Duquilla would then respond with a game-sealing 11-3 rally consisting of sharp returns and opponent errors to win the game 21-13.


Aggregate Score: Duquilla 42 – Garin 28

Total Match Time: 28 mins


Women’s Singles Match 2: Thea Marie Pomar (FEU) def. Jean Marie Lucas (AdU); 2:0

FEU 2 – 0 AdU

After a 1st set that saw various momentum swings amongst the two lady shuttlers involved, Thea Marie Pomar would dominate the 2nd game of this contest to give the FEU Lady Shuttlers a comfortable 2-0 match lead over Adamson. The tight first game saw Pomar jump to a huge 9-2 lead over Lucas. This lead would extend to a 17-9 lead before Jean Lucas would tie the game at 17-all. The game would go into advantage points with Pomar winning 23-21. The winner of the 2nd set was determined by who had the better overall conditioning. On this day, it was Thea Marie Pomar beating a fatigued Jean Marie Lucas in dominating fashion, 21-12.

Aggregate Score: Pomar 44 – Lucas 33

Total Match Time: 40 mins


Women’s Doubles Match 1: Thea Romar Pomar and Hannah Tudtud (FEU) def. Christine Garin and Geilyn Erika Ochoa (AdU); 2:0

FEU 3 – 0 AdU (FEU wins)

The pairing of Thea Pomar and Hannah Tudtud would again display a dominant display in the FEU Lady Shuttler’s quest to gain a top 4 slot in the tournament with a romping of the pair of Christine Garin and Geilyn Ochoa in two sets. In just under 35 minutes of court action, Pomar and Tudtud would win both games with scores of 21-7 and 21-14.

Aggregate Score: Pomar (22) and Tudtud (20) 42 – Garin (11) and Ochoa (10) 21

Total Match Time: 35 mins


Women’s Doubles Match 2: Maridel Rivera and Michal Duquilla (FEU) def. Jean Lucas and Mikaela Aquino (AdU); 2:0

FEU 4 – 0 AdU (FEU wins)

With the FEU Lady Shuttlers winning all 6 sets in their prior 3 matches, the tandem of Maridel Rivera and Michal Duquilla continued the trend with a 2-game sweep of Jean Lucas and Mikaela Aquino. The 1st set saw Rivera and Duquilla never lose the lead at any point of the game to win 21-17. The 2nd set was fairly close but it was the Lady Shuttlers from Sampaloc who came out with the win and a sweep with the score of 21-15.

Aggregate Score: Rivera (25) and Duquilla (17) 42 – Lucas (15) and Aquino (17) 32

Total Match Time: 30 mins


Women’s Singles Match 3: Hannah Tudtud (FEU) def. Mikaela Aquino (AdU); 2:0

FEU 5 – 0 AdU (FEU wins)

Every game win was crucial for the FEU Lady Shuttlers as the UST Golden Shuttlers are behind just a game win in the win-loss column. Hannah Tudtud made sure that her team would be ahead of UST by the end of the day. With a two-game sweep of Mikaela Aquino, with scores of 21-12 and 21-14, the FEU Lady Shuttlers have a 1 game lead over the Lady Shuttlers from Espana.

Aggregate Score: Tudtud 42 – Aquino 26

Total Match Time: 23 mins


Total Games Won: FEU 10 – 0 AdU