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DLSU remains in 2nd place after sweeping UST, 5 – 0



Court 4: 


Despite being swept, UST showed a lot of guts during their games versus their opponents from Taft. Unfortunately, there was not much the UST shuttlers could do to stop the onslaught that was the DLSU team.


Men’s Singles 1: Gerald Sibayan (DLSU) def. John Paul Yabut (UST) 2:0

DLSU 1 – UST 0


Sibayan gained an early edge over his opponent by outscoring him 7 – 1. He was able to increase his lead to 9 at 13 – 4. Although Yabut would decrease the lead to 3 at 17 – 14, 4 consecutive points from Sibayan would give him the victory, 21 – 14.  The 2nd set was a tighter match, with Yabut even pulling ahead at 12 – 14. Sibayan would recover and score 3 straight points to put him back in the lead. The set would eventually settle into an 18-point die, but Sibayan would proceed to score 3 straight points to give him the victory.


Aggregate score:  Sibayan (42) Yabut (32)

Total match time: 38 mins.


Men’s Singles 2: John Kenneth Monterubio (DLSU) def. Alacaed Lee Sabani (UST) 2:0

DLSU 2 – UST 0

 Tiebreaker Times DLSU remains in 2nd place after sweeping UST, 5 – 0 News

Monterubio dominated from the start of the match when he went on a 10 – 0 run on the 1st set. There was not much Sabanal could do as he lost badly, 21 – 8. The 2nd set started out similar to the 1st, but not as badly for Sabanal. Monterubio was up early, 9 – 4. Sabanal, however, was able to tie the game at 10 apiece. Monterubio would go up again, 15 – 12, but Sabanal would go on a 3 point run to tie the game once again. Unfortunately for the UST shuttler, those would be the last points he would score for the game, as Monterubio would score 6 straight points to win, 21 – 15.


Aggregate score: Monterubio (42) Sabanal (23)

Total match time: 40 mins.


Men’s Doubles 1: Carlos Antoine Cabayan and Gerald Sibayan (DLSU) def. John Edgard Reyes and Paul John Pantig (UST) 2:1

DLSU 3 – UST 0 (DLSU wins)

Tiebreaker Times DLSU remains in 2nd place after sweeping UST, 5 – 0 News     

Despite conceding the first 2 points of the game to their opponents, DLSU got to catch up and post an early 9 – 2 lead over their opponents. The pair from UST would fight back and try to close the gap, but they would never get closer than 3 points from DLSU. DLSU would go on to win the set, 21 – 14. Things would start to get interesting in the 2nd set as both teams would trade points early on to eventually settle to a 5 all tie. Reyes would then go on a 7-point binge to put his team ahead for good. This run would prove vital for the UST squad as both teams would go on to trade points once again, ending up with a 14 – 21 victory for UST. The 3rd and final set started out just like the 2nd, with both teams trading points that eventually led to a 7 – 8 advantage for UST. But this time it would be DLSU’s turn to go on a run as Sibayan would score 5 consecutive points for his squad, putting them ahead, 12 – 8. UST would fight back to bring the gap down to 1 at 15 – 14, but another run from Sibayan would end UST’s hopes of a win. DLSU won the 3rd set, 21 – 15.


Aggregate score: Cayanan (24) Sibayan (32) 56 – Reyes (29) Pantig (21) 50

Total match time: 43 mins.


Men’s Doubles 2: John Kenneth Monterubio and Prince Joshua Monterubio (DLSU) def. Patrique Francisco Magnaye and John Mark Sotea (UST) 2:1

DLSU 4 – UST 0 (DLSU wins)

 Tiebreaker Times DLSU remains in 2nd place after sweeping UST, 5 – 0 News

The 1st set was close to start with UST taking a 1-point lead over DLSU, 6 – 7. However, 7 consecutive points from Prince Monterubio would give them the lead for good. UST showed some grit when they were able to fight back from the deficit to get within 1-point at 20 – 19, but Prince would not allow them to tie the game with his game winning shot, 21 – 19. The 2nd set was close all throughout, with both teams eventually settling on a tied score at 6 all. 4 consecutive points broke the tie and gave UST the lead for good. DLSU would try to catch up, repeatedly getting the lead down to 1, but UST would pull back far enough that DLSU would not be able to catch up. The set would eventually end on a victory for UST, 16 – 21. Not wanting to disappoint their teammates, DLSU started strong for their team. They would jump out early, taking a 10 – 3 lead which would eventually balloon to 19 – 8. UST would never recover and they would lose 21 – 9


Aggregate score: John Monterubio (24) Prince Monterubio (37) 58 – Magnaye (20) Sotea (29) 49

Total match time: 50 mins.


Men’s Singles 3: Elijah Abdel Boac (DLSU) def. Paul John Pantig (UST) 2:1

DLSU 5 – UST 0 (DLSU wins)

 Tiebreaker Times DLSU remains in 2nd place after sweeping UST, 5 – 0 News

Boac would jump to an early 5 – 1 lead, but Pantig would fight back to tie the game at 6 all. However, 4 consecutive points from Boac would give DLSU the lead for good. Pantig would eventually get the deficit down to 1 at 16 – 15, but 2 points from Boac would keep the victory out of reach. Boac would win the 1st set, 21 – 18. The 2nd set saw Pantig take an early 9 – 5 lead over Boac, but 5 consecutive Boac points would give him a temporary lead that Pantig would eventually tie. The game would have both players trade points, with neither going on a big scoring run. With the score at 19 – 20, Pantig would land the killing blow to keep his hopes of a victory alive, 19 – 21. On the 3rd set, down 6 – 3, Pantig would score 3 consecutive points to tie the game. However, he was answered by 4 straight points from Boac that would give him the lead that he would not relinquish. Down 8, Pantig would give a last ditch effort to catch up by scoring 4 straight points. Unfortunately, he would not be able to stop the Green Archer, as Boac would win the set and match, 21 – 16.


Aggregate score: Boac (61) Pantig (51)

Total match time: 46 mins.


Aggregate sets won: DLSU 10 – UST 3


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