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Deus Vult’s Kid Bomba aims to put Germany on the map in M5

Deus Vult has emerged as one of the early surprises in the ongoing M5 World Championship, and Mathaios “Kid Bomba” Chatzilakos has taken the spotlight after his dominant performance against Geek Fam Indonesia.

Despite losing 2-1 to the Indonesian runners-up, Kid Bomba left members of Geek Fam impressed as his brilliance in the exp lane proved crucial in a tight Game 3 encounter that took 23 minutes before reaching a conclusion.

It’s not surprising to witness this kind of breakout performance from the 18-year-old exp lane. After all, his motivation runs deep as the first player in M-series history to play under the German flag.

“Europe is not receiving enough attention, at least in the part where I live, because Germany is not part of Eastern Europe. Even if Germany were included, it would still all be played on the Moscow server with bad ping, and I did play with that ping to qualify for this M5. I’m just really glad to be here finally and show the world that I have what it takes to play in M5 and keep up with the best teams,” he said.

“I hope to get the attention of MOONTON and show that there are great players in regions that are neglected. As I’ve already mentioned, I fully understand that there’s not much cooperation in Germany. But I just hope to show that I’m here, I come from a country with not a lot of ML, and I can perform on the world stage.”

M5-Deus-Vult-Kid-Bomba Deus Vult's Kid Bomba aims to put Germany on the map in M5 ESports M5 World Championship Mobile Legends News  - philippine sports news


Deus Vult is competing in the CIS region, which does not include Kid Bomba’s home country.

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Apart from achieving international success, Kid Bomba hopes his exploits on the world stage will help develop MLBB esports in his region.

He considers himself lucky to have this opportunity to compete at the international stage but feels that there are other players in his region with potential who just didn’t get the opportunity they needed.

“It’s been a passion of mine for six years, and coming to this World Championship has been a dream for me. I hope that the region where I come from finally gets some attention because I’ve been with teammates there for a very long time. And these teammates also have good potential to do something. Carvi, for example, was with me in my old team, and I took him with me because I know he has talent as a gold laner,” shared the German exp laner.

“I’m so happy to finally show what Carvi has got, what I have got, and for everybody to see because this is just such an important thing to me that finally, we get some recognition. I’ve seen regions talk about not getting recognition, da da. But they’ve never seen what it’s like to have zero,” he continued.

“For me to take the risk and for Carvi to take the risk to go to a different league, not go to school for four weeks, and come here to try and perform just to follow our passion, I think that shows a lot about what we think about MLBB. I just hope that MOONTON recognizes this a little bit and maybe gives Europe some tournaments so other players can develop as well.”

Currently at 1-1, Kid Bomba’s Deus Vult faces the daunting task of achieving a 2-0 sweep of Home Bois to secure an outright slot in the playoffs. They can still qualify with a 2-1 win, but they need The Ohio Brothers to prevail over Home Bois to ensure advancement to the knockout stage.

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