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Defending champs Ateneo open Season 77 Campaign with win over UST, 4-1



The Ateneo de Manila University Blue Shuttlers opened their title defense with a 4-1 match score victory over the University of Santo Tomas shuttlers. Ateneo’s shuttlers took the first three duels, before Patrique Francisco Magnaye and John Edgar Reyes won UST its first and only match in the second Men’s Doubles tiff. Justin Natividad would however win the third singles match to give Ateneo its fourth victory of the day.


Men’s Singles 1: Carlos Glen Remo(ADMU) def. John Paul Yabut(UST)



Capitalizing on a 14-9 start, Remo finished out the first set of the match, 21-17. He however would find himself in a much more difficult situation in the next set, finding himself in a 16-18 deficit to opponent Yabut. He would gain momentum soon however, a tilt helping him outscore Yabut 6-2 points in the next few minutes to win 22-20, and boost Ateneo to its first victory.


Aggregate score: Remo- 43 Yabut- 37

Total match time: 50 mins.


Men’s Singles 2: Patrick Wilfred Natividad(ADMU) def. Alaced Lee Sabanal(UST)

ADMU 2-0 (UST)


Natividad finished the first set with a commanding 21-11 victory. Sabanal would come out stronger in the second set, unwavering despite a 5-12 deficit early in the set. Despite a late tilt for Sabanal, Natividad would hold on to a 21-17 victory.


Aggregate score: Natividad 42- Sabanal- 29

Total match time: 34 mins.


Men’s Doubles 1: Theodore Co and Justin Natividad(ADMU) def. Paul John Patig and John Mark Sotea(UST)



The duo of Co and Natividad opened their match with a convincing 21-13 set victory over UST’s Patig and Sotea. The UST shuttlers however would respond in kind in the next set, 21-12, capitalizing from a large tilt that gave them a 20-10 lead. The third set however would once again end in lopsided fashion, with Co and Natividad bouncing back, 21-12, after a huge run that boosted them to their 21st point after leading the set 16-12.


Aggregate score: Co and Natividad- 64, Patig and Sotea- 46

Total Match Time: 44 mins.


Men’s Doubles 2: Patrique Francisco Magnaye and John Edgar Reyes(UST) def. Patrick Gecosala and Patrick Natividad(ADMU)



The UST duo took a 22-20 victory in a hotly contested first set. The UST came back stronger in the second set, notching a 21-14 set victory, and give UST its first and only match victory.
Aggregate score: Magnate and Reyes- 43 Gecosala and Natividad- 34

Total match time: 32 mins.


Men’s Singles 3: Justin Natividad(ADMU) def. Paul John Patig(UST)



Natividad quickly overpowered his opponent in the opening set, taking a 21-9 win over Patig. The second set proved to be a more hotly contested affair, with Patig bouncing back in a back-and-forth duel that ended with the UST shuttler winning 22-20. Natividad came strong once more in the next set, going on a five point tilt from a 15-all deadlock to grab a 21-16 win and finish the defending champions’ opening day with another match victory.


Aggregate score: Natividad-63, Patig- 47

Total match time: 55 mins


Aggregate sets won: ADMU 8, UST 4

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