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Cheska Altomonte not closing doors on RP Blu Girls return



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Cheska Altomonte is clearly the RP Blu Girls’ loyal soldier. 

Despite hanging up her boots numerous times in the past, the catcher would lace her boots up once again when duty called.

But last December — after the Blu Girls won another Southeast Asian Games — Altomonte decided to ride off into the sunset.

“This is my last tournament. I said I’m gonna stop playing how many times, but this is going to be my last tournament as a Blu Girl.”

Six months later, Altomonte remains firm on her decision, but she is not closing her doors for a return.

During last Saturday’s episode of So She Did, presented by SMART, hosts Martie Bautista and Trina Guytingco have a segment called “Would You Rather”. The question for Altomonte was, “Ches, is your decision final or will we see Cheska Altomonte don the red and blue once more?”

Though struggling to find an answer, the 26-year-old said: “It’s a possibility depending on if I’m still capable and if the team still needs me. If I’m still able then yeah, it depends on the situation.

“As of now, though, I am done.”

Altomonte, a product of Ateneo, has sacrificed much of her corporate life for the country.

Back in 2016, Altomonte left a high-paying job at Solar Entertainment to go full-time with the Blu Girls.

“Now, I think it’s time to finally move out of softball. I think I can contribute more for the sport in the administrative side,” said Altomonte, who is part of the POC’s Athletes’ Commission, earlier in the podcast.

“So I think I’ve done everything I can as a player for the sport. I miss going to the everyday training of Coach Ana [Santiago]… very nice training, but I think it’s time to move on.”

But for Santiago, the possibility of seeing Altomonte back in the program as a player is becoming likelier and likelier as the days go by.

“‘Yung possibility na ‘yun, medyo lumalaki ‘yan depende sa dumarating na panahon. Kami lang ni Cheska nagkakaintindihan niyan.”

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